Upgrade your marketing strategy to attract ready-to-invest coaching clients Fabi Paolini Brand Strategy Coaching

How to upgrade your marketing to attract ready-to-invest clients

Upgrade your marketing strategy to attract ready-to-invest coaching clients Fabi Paolini Brand Strategy Coaching

how to turn your marketing in ready-to-invest coaching clients

Your marketing is supposed to be THE thing that gets you consistent results, clients, and sales into your online coaching business every week.

If you know you're good at what you do, and you want to generate more income and impact with your work as an online coach, consultant, or expert, then you want to pay attention.

I want to share with you some of the most critical factors necessary for you to upgrade your own marketing strategy right now.

But first, let's talk about where you might be at. Most online entrepreneurs I connect with, are facing one of two problems:

  1.  You are having a hard time generating consistent sales calls - despite the fact that yours somewhat consistently creating and sharing content on Social Media

  2. You ARE booing calls on a consistent basis - but you’re spending over 75% of your time and money wasted on conversations that don’t lead to sales

    Meaning - you’re converting sales at around 25% or less … it takes you about 10 ACTUAL calls to make 1 sale (and that doesn’t even count the no-shows).

So let's talk about what needs to be updated in your content right now to shift out of this and have a highly converting marketing strategy.

But first, check out this training I created on the 3 secrets to attracting ready-to-invest premium coaching clients while making weekly high-ticket sales.


One of the reasons why you're not attracting better quality leads and that your marketing strategy isn't necessarily getting you the results you're expecting is that you might be speaking to the wrong people.

What does this mean? Well, if you attract people that say:

  • I can't afford to work with you
  • I can't wait until one day I work with you 
  • What is it that you do?
  • Let me think about it
  • Let me manifest the money

These are all signs that you are speaking to the wrong people. Your marketing strategy is supposed to be focused on making sure it attracts people who are buyers right now. 

If the majority of people you talk to (over 70%) are not ready to invest right now, it means that something in your marketing is calling them in. 

What you want to do is start speaking more to people who are ready to invest right now. You do this by getting very clear on exactly what the specific problems these people have are. 

The people that are ready to buy have problems that are very different than those who aren't. They see their problem in a different way and the take action in a very particular way too. 

This is why you need to ask yourself: What is their actual problem?

Once you understand this, you can upgrade your marketing strategy to speak to better quality leads.


The reality is that premium clients are looking for premium solutions. What this means is that they are looking for solutions that feel different from things they have tried in the past.

For the most part, a ready-to-invest lead is someone who values time more than money. They would rather spend more money to get a problem solved in less time.

This means that you need to make sure that your marketing strategy is upgraded to show how your offer will save your audience more time.

If you are selling modules, coaching sessions, an online program - it’s going to be harder to get a premium client to buy. 

 You want to build a unique framework that is positioned as THE alternative - and the only way to get the results they’ve been looking for. 

If you can make them believe that the way out of their problem is through following this unique process - and you happen to be the one that is selling this process; you’ve won the game.

This is especially true for a high-ticket audience who isn’t here to waste time with the same solution they’ve tried before 

When you are able to position your PROCESS as the solution they need, your audience will realize that what they can’t afford is NOT working with you - or NOT solving their problem. 

When you are selling, your communication has to tell HOW this process will SPECIFICALLY solve their problems.

For example, this is my framework, the Brand Strategy Pyramid:

It allows my clients to see what I do as something different from other things they are constantly seeing out there.


The next way for you to attract ready-to-invest people is by making sure your content is doing a great job at building a customer journey that's infused with the right language and strategy.

Magnetic customer journey to build success as an online coach | Fabi Paolini Brand Strategy Coach

During the awareness and consideration phase, you want to make sure you are pre-selling your offer by building demand for what you do in your content.

You do this by finding your Domino Belief in marketing which is your premise or hypothesis.

What is the thing your ideal audience needs to do in order to solve their problem?

Every piece of content you create should be focused on presenting this domino belief.

(can you guess what mine is?)

At the end of the day, HOW you show up matters as well. You want to make sure that you are showing up in total magnetism and belief for the work you are doing.

At the end of the day, there's no better upgrade than creating more connections through your marketing.

I explain more on how to do this on this training below:

These changes are what allow you to truly create changing in your marketing strategy. This means you attract people who:

🔥People who are ready RIGHT NOW

🔥People who Pay-in-full (ALL the time)

🔥People who take action

🔥People who are self-lead while taking responsibility for their own success

🔥People who work with me because they feel CALLED to

It's crazy to think that a message that is off could work so much against you.

There is a VERY SPECIFIC way of communicating to BUYERS.

But here's what I CAN tell you: When you shift your language - whether in your webinar, TikToks, Facebook posts, ads, emails or sales pages

It can CHANGE the people you bring in.

This is the reason why my clients start increasing sales as their message shifts as well.

Which things are you focusing on upgrading in your message?