hola, I am fabi paolini

hola, I am fabi paolini

I'm a brand strategist, coach and designer that helps
entrepreneurs just like you transform your passion and experience into a

heart-centered & authentic brand that attracts

I'm a serious superstar at connecting the dots for you. At finding the things that make you unique and then turning that into your new reality. At helping you find your core message, designing a visual identity that reflects your value and then creating the business structure, website and marketing strategies capable of building your credibility and converting clients. 

I love connecting with people, probably because I grew up traveling the worlds, living in Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, the US and India. 

But the truth is, that beyond my incredible international experience, I simply love people. I believe that when we put our hearts to it, we can achieve absolutely anything we want. Period. 

This is exactly what happened to me. In 2016 I moved to the US and had to relaunch my business online and face all of my fears. Within 6 months of barely starting, I had already increased my income by 1011%. By 18 months, I had built a 6-figure business.

Want to know how I did it?

by building a brand that attracts

You see, to me, branding isn't only about design. In fact, design is just the tip of the iceberg. I focused on building and creating every last aspect of my brand from the inside out. And sure, I could tell you all about my experience and awards from working at Leo Burnett (one of the biggest ad agencies in the world) with clients like Smirnoff vodka, or tell you about graduating at the top of my class in one of the toughest and most renowned MBA schools in Latina America. I could even tell you about how building my husband's brand got him signed as one of the top up-and-coming Latin Pop artists in THE biggest record label in the world (Universal Music Latino).

But, the truth is, no matter how many courses or coaching programs I have done or all the credibility or credentials to back me up, my best classroom has been getting up each day and doing everything in my power to transform my own brand and build a successful business. 


Fabi Paolini | Brand Strategy + Design

So trust me when I say that I get your struggle. I get your fears and how overwhelming it might feel to be an entrepreneur.
But, here are my two cents for you:

#1. You don't have to do it alone
#2. You want success? Focus on building a Brand that Attracts.


so, what is a

brand that attracts?

it's a brand that has:

Fabi Paolini - Branding coach + designer building unique brands that attractCLARITY + PURPOSE

Fabi Paolini - Branding coach + designer building unique brands that attractTOTAL CONFIDENCE

Fabi Paolini - Branding coach + designer building unique brands that attractTOTAL MAGNETISM

Fabi Paolini - Branding coach + designer building unique brands that attractVISUAL VALUE

Fabi Paolini - Branding coach + designer building unique brands that attractMASSIVE IMPACT

If you are ready to make serious impact with your business,
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your business into a powerful brand that attracts.

Position Your Brand
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with More Flow and less Hustle
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