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How to determine your brand develop your verbal and visual brand

how to determine your brand develop your verbal and visual brand

As an entrepreneur, you have heard about the importance of determining and building your own brand. Having a powerful brand will allow you to attract more of the right clients and position yourself the way you want to be seen. This means that you will be able to raise your prices and build a business that stands out from the rest.

Do you want to build a powerful brand?

Remember the more intentional you are, you will end up attracting  more of the right people into your business. This is essential to growing your business because  we want to move away from  being transactional. In the business world, we need to learn that being unique and intentional will guarantee success, while only thinking about making sales in the long run will make us fail.

The best of both worlds

 When you determine your brand, it’s crucial to have in place a brand that is not only visual, but verbal as well. 

So why is it important to have the “it brand”, meaning a visual and verbal brand to determine your brand?

When we talk about building a brand there are actually two components that are fundamental in terms of the pieces that you need to have in place both visual and verbal brand.

Determine your brand by utilizing visual and verbal brands to your advantage

Most people think that a brand is only made up of visual assets and they go straight into this concept, while completely ignoring the rest. The reality is that we need to get our “core message” out to differentiate our brand from the rest, meaning you need to focus on having a strong verbal message to have an amazing verbal brand that is leveraged with visual assets later.  

The verbal component of your brand, also known as the internal part, is the most  important part of your business and for determining your brand. You have to make sure to  really nail your verbal brand to build success with your business.

When we’re looking at your verbal brand, it is necessary to have all the basics in place in order to be able to determine your brand. 

A strong verbal brand  helps you determine your brand

First, remember your roots. Know your purpose and intention behind why you’re growing your business in the first place. Your roots are always the reason why we always start our business and the reason is that this is going to give us directions in terms of the decisions that we have to make our business reach the next level. 

Also, knowing your roots will help you improve your verbal brand and message and be able to target your ideal audience. Your intentional marketing is going to  give your results in terms to  where you want your business to go. 


Second, uncover what your unique selling proposition is. In order to discover your unique selling proposition, you must uncover your secret sauce and turn it into salsa. This  is fundamental if you want to really stand out because chances are you’re in a field that is highly saturated right now. This means if you don’t understand your own business and have an unclear message, you won’t be able to differentiate yourself from other people and unfortunately you end up getting lost in the crowd and completely ignored. 

I focus on making sure my clients have something that nobody else out there is offering. My work with my clients in terms of this is uncovering what I called the Six S’s of Singularity.

For example, I worked with my client Assétou Xango who was having a hard time sharing the things that made her company unique. We were really able to bring in her unique story as a poet and coach and use it to build a program that was specifically directed towards their unique audience - black femmes. The specificity of her story coupled with an incredibly effective marketing strategy meant they were able to launch their business and make $30k in the first month.

Using the Six S’s of Singularity really allows you to get clearer in terms of your story, skills, success, style, superpower,  and steps. When you have the Six S’s of Singularity, you are able to bring these core essentials together and really uncover who you are and what makes you different.

You will be able  to connect with your audience in a whole different way.

Third, define your audience. Not only does your ideal audience define your verbal brand, it allows you to make a more impactful,external effect.  

Your audience is an external extension of your brand and who you are.  

A brand  without an audience will not grow. That’s why it is necessary to make sure that you understand who your ideal audience is when you uncover these components.  

You want to have a business that is different, unique, and is able to uncover any  problems or concerns your ideal audience has and be able to offer a solution to them.  

Be clear on what your audience is and be able to connect with your potential clients that need a solution to their problems and need help ease the  tossing and turning over at night. Make sure that what you offer is something that can clearly help them solve their problem. 

I help you uncover your target audience by focusing on powerful communication because you can focus on offering a solution and being that bridge that helps them keep moving forward.

Fourth, position yourself as an expert by having a clear message. The last part of your verbal brand is tied to your core message or position so when we talk about positioning it is really about how you want to be perceived in the market.  

My suggestion is to move into positioning yourself as an authority in your field.  The reason why is because when you position yourself as an authority it means that you’re able to charge premium pricing and you’re able to attract better clients who stay top of mind and you are finally able to increment or increase your perceived value. What your hard work and dedication leads to is wanting  people to look at us in the highest value possible so when we talk about positioning yourself as an authority, make sure that you are understanding what the real benefit or result of the work that you do is. 

A lot of people believe their title defines them.   “I am a coach….. I am a fitness instructor…..or I am a photographer” is the only thing that they do and that’s not really true. 

I work with you to uncover what actual result you visualize and  what  makes you unique. You help your  audience achieve something that nobody else offers and when you clarify these benefits and the results it really allows you to build a core message that is less about you and more about the solution that you can provide for other people, which is why connecting back to that audience is really important.  

For example, with my client Hanna, a Life Beyond the Veil/Spiritual Coach was having a hard time connecting with her audience and having a message that would really resonate with the right audience. So we reworked her message to make sure her ideal people would really be captivated with what she had to say. We changed her message to say: Take charge and surrender as you unleash your magic to live a life in peace, power and love.

This really completely changed the people she was able to bring into her business and it has really allowed her to grow to the next level. 

Fifth, from here we move on to discovering what your visual brand is really about and I don’t think I have to tell you how important it is to have a visual brand that truly is capable of representing your value. If you want to be able to position yourself as an authority and as a  premium  brand , you must be able to attract the right people you need to make sure that you have a brand that shows the value that you are capable of delivering as well. 

 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with clients with horrible websites, logos, brand, etc.  and were wondering why they were  having a hard time attracting the right people.

 If you want to attract the right people, make sure that you are worthy of the people that you want to bring into your business. This helps you determine your brand. 

Your visual brand includes your logo, identity, color, fonts and the general look and feel of your brand. You want to make sure that you’re keeping it simple, fresh and that it really connects back to the message you are trying to convey and that your personality is really shown. You want people to know who you are, just like my client below: 

I don’t have to overly explain to you how important building a visual brand is. You can see the impact this can have on your business just through this example from my client Lisseth. We radically transformed her business and brand through the work we did together. 

It’s also important to not forget your original brand. Not only does your brand exist, it also lives and breathes in the world, and it is important to keep your brand strong and alive! Let’s add an immune booster to your brand and make it so strong it’s unbreakable. The best way to improve your brand and achieving our goals  is having  a powerful website that does a really great job at converting your audience, traffic, or followers into prospects or leads and then turning those into clients. 

Your brand and your website

For your website to be really, really effective, you have to make sure that you’re bringing all the elements in your verbal  brand together and clarifying the purpose of your brand.  Your website depicts what makes you different and who your ideal audience is and how you can serve them and bring your message forward in a way that really represents the value that you’re capable of delivering for others. 

Ideally you want to make sure that you have a website that is “bomb”. Not only does your website make sales for you while you sleep, your website captures those leads into sales. 

The beautiful work that you’ve put behind your website  is a result of focusing on the core elements that make your verbal brand more effective.  In addition, following the “Six S’s of Singularity”  is the key factor to truly being able to determine your brand, which allows you to make more sales. 

When  you start to remember your  roots, uncover your unique selling proposition, define your audience, position yourself as an expert, and discover what your visual brand is really about, you are able to determine your brand  and thus develop really powerful brand strategies in your intentional marketing plan.  You will finally have the results that you  want in your business.