A marketing strategy and plan for your online business. What do do, where to start, what to focus on and how to build a brand that attracts clients straight into your business. Check it out!

The marketing strategy I follow to build a successful online business

Marketing is one of the most important aspects necessary for having success in business. You could have the absolute best product or service in the world, but if you don't have a clear way of selling it and bringing clients through the door, you are basically on a path to failure.

It's not that every single business in the world needs marketing, but it might make it difficult to have long-term success. Specially if your business is online, where it is extremely crowded and full of competition.

While there are thousands of strategies out there, all of which are valid and probably work to someone, I would say that the most important thing is to constantly try different things that are aligned with your brand and what you want to do as well. 

Here, I share with you the complete marketing strategy I have used in my own life in order to build a 6-figure business within one year. Not all of these strategies might work for you, and because of that, I created this Marketing Plan that will help you craft and define what works for you best. Make sure to download it right here. 

A marketing strategy and plan for your online business. What do do, where to start, what to focus on and how to build a brand that attracts clients straight into your business. Check it out!

it all starts with branding

A marketing strategy and plan for your online business. What do do, where to start, what to focus on and how to build a brand that attracts clients straight into your business. Check it out!

It's impossible for me to talk about marketing without mentioning that branding is essential so that whatever you do works for your business. Of course, when I talk about branding, I don't mean the design of your logo or the colors that you use (although that is relevant as well). What I mean is understanding the basic, fundamental part of your brand. Asking yourself questions like:

What do you want to say about you? What makes you unique? Who is your audience? How do you connect with them?

Answering these questions will guide you in absolutely everything you will be doing in terms of marketing. How? Because when you bring together what you will say and to whom, you will be able to create the marketing content that will enable you to connect directly with your audience. Makes sense?

I talk about this extensively in this training about building a profitable online business and a brand that attracts premium clients. You definitely need to watch it if you don't know exactly how to answer these questions for your business.

And, of course, a huge part of it is making sure that there is absolute consistency in everything that you do. You brand has to look the same, your language has to be aligned with you, you need to be using the same colors, fonts, image style, etc. These are the things that will make a huge difference in making sure you stand out and are differentiated.

building a marketing platform

Everything I have done in my business starts with my website. The blog posts I share, the portfolio pieces I add or the way I describe what I do are the center for my marketing.

I begin by writing and sharing these blog posts once a week. They serve as the base for the content I will be sharing on multiple platforms and places. After I write these blog posts, I make sure I add some sort of content upgrade. A content upgrade is additional information that will get you, the reader, to take more action and understand further what to do. For example, for this post, I have created a complete marketing plan for your online business. You can sign up for that right here.

Once people sign up to download my content upgrade, they are immediately added to my email list. Here I do my best at giving content that wows them. That keeps them engaged, that gives massive value while I am --subtly, inviting them to hire me. I never do it from a pushy place, but rather from a place of total service and value. 

Because I have complete control over my website, it means I can easily share and create content that will allow people to get to know me and build trust with me as an authority in branding and entrepreneurship. 

This is exactly what I guide and teach my clients to do as well. For example, for Sarah, I helped create a guide with Attraction Marketing Secrets. Every single one of her blog posts contains the option to opt-in (by giving their emails) to download her guide. 

Not having your own website or blog really limits you from being able to share and drive traffic to your website. For me, blogging is an extremely effective marketing tool because it allows me to create content that not only establishes me as a credible source, but also keeps me connected with my audience.

In order for me to write each of my articles, I need to research constantly about what topics might interest you (the readers). This means I am always looking for ways to connect more and more with my audience. All of  this is possible because I have a blog and a website that serves as the hub of my business. 

driving traffic through pinterest

Believe it or not, Pinterest is an absolutely amazing tool that you can use to drive traffic to your website and blog. If you think that Pinterest is only there to share recipes and decoration tips for moms, you are completely wrong.

Pinterest is incredibly effective for driving traffic and sales for your business. You create the content on your website, and by sharing it strategically on Pinterest, other people are doing your promoting for you. People on Pinterest will add your images to their boards and these all link directly back to your website. Pretty amazing!

The other great thing about Pinterest is that pins simply last longer. Whereas with Facebook or Instagram old content tends to get lost, with Pinterest it can always be relevant.

I started using Pinterest for my business when I launched my blog last year. I quickly learned the important aspects of it, like making sure you are using the right keywords on your images or even creating boards that give your followers total clarity about what it is that you do. If you have an online business and you are blogging, trust me, you absolutely need to start using Pinterest in order to drive more traffic for your business. 

I am so committed to making this really work for me, that I just literally hired someone to do all my Pinterest marketing for me and make sure that my account is growing and that I'm getting more and more traffic to my blog. 

defining the platforms and repurposing content

Once I finish writing my blog posts, what I do (and suggest for you as well), is repurpose the content into smaller pieces that I can share on different platforms. So, for example, I will take this same blog post and do a summarized version that I will share on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and to my email list.

I personally don't copy the complete blog post because it tends to be very long, but I try to break it down into smaller pieces of content that make it easier to share across various platforms. That way, it simply feels like you are constantly visible and pumping out content for marketing your business. In truth, it takes me one day to plan everything out, and then I try to program it through a tool like Buffer. 

However, what is fundamental is understanding and defining which social media platform or marketing method will be the right one for you. Again, this is when branding comes into play and is extremely important. If you understand exactly who your audience is, you can know which platform is the right one to use. I personally don't use Twitter for example. I don't believe that it's the right platform for my own business. 

So, whenever I repurpose content, I want to make sure that I am not wasting time and being extremely smart about what I am sharing. Again, even if I am turning articles like this one, into smaller posts or emails, I want to always make sure that my brand voice comes across naturally and consistently everywhere. Whatever you decide, make sure your brand is aligned with each of them. 

a webinar that leaves people impressed

One of the best marketing tools that I use to sell my services is my webinar. I believe that it's an extremely powerful way to make sure that people understand what you do. However, in my experience, you can't simply share a webinar where it's all about pitching. In fact, in my webinar, I don't even sell anything! I am focused on an incredible amount of value. So much value in fact, that it will leave poeple thinking "Wow, if this is her free content, imagine what it's like working with her." I have had dozens of people tell me that it's the best training video that they have seen and that they were shocked to learn what they did.

What I do in this webinar is teach people how to build a brand that attracts and create a profitable online business. I teach the steps, I show them how I did it with mine, and I do it without pitching or selling anything.

A really great webinar is the chance for you to build that trust. To show you know what you know and that you are incredible at what you do. You want to leave clear that if they were to work with you, their lives would be incredibly better.

In my case, I want people to understand that not focusing on building a brand that attracts could mean the difference between success and failure for their businesses.

I have seen many webinars, and I recommend that if you are thinking of taking this route in order to market your business, you need to make sure you do it extremely well. Record and re-record as many times as you can. At this point, I have done around 7 versions of it, because I just want to make sure I am giving my audience the best value and content for their time. And of course, if you want to watch it and learn about what you need to do to build a brand that attracts,  you can sign up right here. 

the future of marketing for online business

What I have learned from my experience in business, is that you can never get too comfortable in what you are doing for marketing yourself. You always need to be researching what's next and what will help you build more brand awareness. Otherwise, you risk staying behind.

In my case, the next phase for me is exploring and sharing as much as possible on LinkedIn. But the big thing I am doing that I believe is the future of marketing is video. I have started to do daily live videos on my Facebook Page. The reason for this is that it's an incredible way to build trust and credibility fast. On top of this, every single social media platform is working on pushing video as the next big thing. So, you want to make sure that you are there and using video for your own brand as it will help you get closer to your audience.

Again, it's fundamental that whatever you do, your brand is at the core of it. You can never forget to have those question on the top of your mind for everything you are creating. Build a marketing plan and strategy that always has you as a brand, your audience and the way you want to be perceived as a priority over everything else. 

What's most important is that you are always giving an impressive amount of value in what you are putting out there. Whether it's through Facebook posts or emails or even ads, make sure that you are giving people a reason to want to know more. 

Remember to download the guide I created for you so that you can build a complete marketing strategy for your online business. 

A marketing strategy and plan for your online business. What do do, where to start, what to focus on and how to build a brand that attracts clients straight into your business. Check it out!

Tell me, what strategies do you use for marketing your own business?


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