Why your marketing isn't working and the 3 things you need to do to fix it | Fabi Paolini Brand strategy and online business coach

Why your marketing isn’t working (and 3 ways to fix it)

Why your marketing isn't working and the 3 things you need to do to fix it | Fabi Paolini Brand strategy and online business coach

marketing not working? here's what to do

Why do coaches and consultants that are good at what they do keep on attracting people that can’t afford their services - ultimately, having their marketing strategy feel like it's not working they way that they would like?

Why can’t they seem to attract clients who are ready to invest in themselves because they see the value this will bring to their lives.

Why is it that instead, they bring people who are either not as committed to solving their problems, OR people who are ALL in except for the fact that they don’t have the money?

It’s not that people with money that are willing to pay don’t exist (obviously).

It’s not that the people with money are hiding in some fancy Facebook group for trust fund babies.

It’s because they haven’t done an effective job of positioning themselves and their offer as the solution that their audience needs.

A lot of these coaches are so focused on building out their marketing plan or strategy first, posting content like crazy or maybe even trying to figure TikTok (or whatever is trendy) out, that they don’t know how to really connect with the audience that needs them. 

They spend so much time looking at what others in their industry are doing and saying, that they end up losing their voice in the process which means that their confidence ends up diminishing.

And the thing is that the more people they get on the phone telling them that they can’t afford it, the more they start to doubt their capabilities and skills.

Are they good enough?
Are they truly qualified?
Who are they to be charging more? 

So, they bend their ideals and start charging less while settling for people that aren’t really the ideal clients they wanted in the first place. I’ve seen it happen again and again.

Once again, this all goes back to learning how to position yourself AND your offer as the solution that your audience needs - so that price doesn’t even become an issue - and they will do what it takes to pay you for your program. I talk more about positioning right over here (check it out after you finish reading below). 

The good news is that this is my area of expertise. I help coaches and consultants feel and position themselves as authorities as they attract the right, high-end clients into their business and here’s what you need to know about positioning yourself. So, let's break it down so that we can get super clear on what you need to do to attract more of the right people and finally get your marketing to work. 

Get Clear On Your Audiences' Core Problem

In marketing, one of THE most important things you need to do is to be able to truly understand the problems and needs that your audience actually has. You see, your audience is looking for someone that gets them, someone that they can see as the catalyst that will help solve their core issue.

A lot of times, we think we know our audience, but we are, very often, being way too broad and not specific enough when speaking to them. 

You need to make sure that you are speaking to the bleeding neck problem your audience has. Meaning that you have to make sure that your content/marketing/emails/funnel is something SO compelling that they will want to find out more. 

When I started in my business I made the mistake of being too general in my communication and not really speaking to that bleeding neck. My first webinar was called “5 Steps to Build a Brand you Love That Attracts” - not really something that would make people want to watch now.

People aren’t spending the day worrying about what they can do to love their brand even more - am I right? So it’s no surprise when I didn’t get results. 

Instead I shifted into “Position Your Brand As A Magnet That Attracts High-End Clients and Wake Up to Multiple Sales Calls Coming In Every Day” - as you can see, it was much more specific and talking to the need that my audience has. Click here if you want to watch that INSANELY powerful masterclass. 

The most common mistake that coaches make in terms of their marketing, is not making it OBVIOUS that they can help their audience, and the way that you do this is by ensuring that your communication uses very specific examples regarding their problems.

Presenting what you do as THE solution for your audience

The second piece of this is making sure that you are presenting what you do as THE solution that your audience needs.

this means that you can’t have an offer that looks and sounds like everyone else’s - but rather you are teaching things in a very unique way. 

For this, you need to be able to leverage the things that make you different in order to stand out.

For example, I’ve worked with many Health Coaches and always guide them to creating their own framework that makes their system a no-brainer for their clients while differentiating them from the rest.

I once worked a with a wellness coach that not only helped people with their diets, but brought in a unique approach using Reiki energy healing and meditation to help people lose weight and reconnect to their body. It was something completely unique and made their audience want it because it was positioned as a different approach.  

When you are able to POSITION yourself and your offer in the correct way, it means that you have the ability - with ONE post, ONE email, or even ONE simple funnel to generate at least 1 qualified lead every single day. 

And we’re not talking about people who will inquire more just to say they can’t afford it - but leads that will do what it takes because they understand that YOU can solve their problems.

For your marketing to start working, you need to make sure that you are basing your communication on outcomes that you deliver - and with this, I don't mean features (as in, a workbook, 5 sessions, etc.), but rather, what are the benefits, results or ultimate transformations that your audience will get when working with you or when they sign up for your conversion event. 

For example, above you can see how my client Assetou was able to clearly communicate what the value of their offer was as well as very specific problems that are keeping their audience stuck.

Through this messaging and marketing strategy, they were able to generate over $30k within a month of launching their business.

Leveraging what makes you unique

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle that will allow your marketing strategy to convert and to start working, is to make sure that what you are offering is something that is actually unique.

You want to be able to Turn Your Secret Sauce Into Salsa by leveraging the things that make you different from the rest.

We live in an identity economy, and people make purchasing decisions based on identity. What this means is that in order for you to succeed, you need to be able to identify and leverage your identity as a brand and to use that to your advantage.

The more unique and one of a kind your brand looks and sounds, the more likely your audience will pay attention because you are standing out from the rest.

Ultimately, there's too much noise in the market, and what you are looking to do is to differentiate yourself and show your audience that what you do is different.

How to do this? Well you:

  • Take advantage of your personality by using unique phrases and words that belong to you
  • Create a one-of-a-kind framework that clearly shows you are THE vehicle to succeed
  • Use your stories and past successes to build a more powerful connection with your audience

For example, I created an Intention-Based Marketing framework called the Brand Strategy Pyramid. This is something that only belongs to me and that is focused on building every piece of your business with intention so that you can create better results in your marketing.

Using this same strategy, we generate anywhere between 2-4 high-quality leads every. single. day. like clockwork. I break down this process even further below (make sure you watch it!).

At the end of the day, if your marketing isn't working, it's very likely a messaging and positioning problem. When you focus on improving these both, you finally start getting the results you have been looking for. 

Are you doing the 3 things I mentioned above? 

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