Three things to take into account as a business in order to stay relevant during times of Coronavirus and generate more sales online. Fabi Paolini Online business coach

How to stay relevant in times of Coronavirus

Three things to take into account as a business in order to stay relevant during times of Coronavirus and generate more sales online. Fabi Paolini Online business coach

stay relevant during the coronavirus

So...that happened. This whole Coronavirus thing got us all by surprise and it seems to have changed our lives forever now. There will be a before and after the Coronavirus, and meanwhile I bet you are trying to find your way through it all. The truth is that you need to find a way to stay relevant during these times. 

Building a business with success during these times can definitely be challenging. The truth is that the Coronavirus crisis is only going to keep on amplifying whatever was going on before.

This means that if your business was having a hard time connecting and generating leads, this will only make things worse. It also means that you need to find a way to stay relevant and top of mind so that your audience still can buy from you.

A lof of businesses are struggling right now, and yet through it all, my business and my clients have been thriving. 

Believe it or not, when all of this Coronavirus pandemic hit, my business took off even more than ever before. The reason is that it became even more clear that this is the time to make sure you are able to build success online.

So I want to walk you through the different things that you need to do in order to stay relevant and connect while you keep on making sales.

Understanding what you can uniquely bring to the table

I believe that everything that has happened in my life has brought me to this moment. All of the fears, uncertainties and difficulties made it so that by the time this pandemic hit, I had built a robust business.

I know you likely feel the same way, like all of this uncertainty is a piece of cake compared to a lot of the hard times you have gone through - and this just means that you understand your audience in a level that you would have never imagined.

So staying relevant begins with you understanding why you. What is it about you and your message that makes you the right solution that your audience needs right now. 

The truth is that the market was already saturated before, and this situation just means that it’s getting worse because more and more people will turn to build their businesses online. So you need to be able to clearly and effectively communicate your real value with your audience. 

People are cautious with their spending right now, so you have to be able to have a message that makes them feel safe in investing in what you do, and this comes back to you understanding why you are the solution that they need. 

Acting as if nothing is going on is a mistake. We are all in this together and you, personally, are going through different things in your life. Your audience needs to hear from you so that they can resonate and connect. 

I have been doing an effort to actively communicate on my Instagram what my life has been like and how these experiences have affected my life. I think that being honest and vulnerable allow people to connect on a different level. So be open, be authentic and real in sharing your story and give your audience a reason to listen to you. 

Understand your audience’s needs

The world dramatically changed for all of  us and what I want you to understand is that your audience today is not the same as your audience pre-Coronavirus. I mean, sure, they might be the same people, but their motivations, fears and problems are completely different right now.

So if you are communicating with people while bypassing their reality, you will completely become irrelevant. During these times, you can't afford to be bland and act as if nothing is happening. 

Your job and responsibility right now then is to get EXTREMELY clear on how the Coronavirus is directly impacting your clients’ lives. For this, you want to ask yourself:

  • What worries your audience the most about the COVID-19 situation?
  • What is the worst part of the Coronavirus situation for them?
  • What could help them feel better right now?

Remember, the clearer you are at knowing the answers to these questions, the better you can respond and stay relevant for your audience. Knowing this will help you in adding more to the conversation and building powerful connections that people need. 

As I said before, we’re all in this together, so be there for the people that need you the most right now. The entrepreneurs that survive and make it will be the ones that are the best at listening to the problems that their audience has. Why? Because that means that you can adapt and create powerful solutions that position you as the answer. 

Answering these questions led me to create a Survival guide for my clients and audience helping them during times of crisis. I brought together the specific needs and problems that I knew they had and focused on creating something that would help them move forward. 

In this Ultimate guide for business survival during times of crisis, you will learn everything you need to do to keep your business going during Coronavirus | Fabi Paolini | Entrepreneur | Online business coach

    Deliver more value

    Knowing these first two points allows you to focus on delivering more value. The truth is that this is a time for massive opportunities and it’s up to you to raise the bar, lead and be a part of the solution.

    During these times, it’s the people that add value that will be remembered. Those who make an effort to create initiatives, programs, offers and campaigns that add value to their audience won’t be forgotten. This is a great moment to build more brand awareness while still making sales.

    The moment that I realized we were going to stay at home and self-quarantine, I ran to write and create content that would help my audience feel supported. 

    I created blog posts, YouTube videos and even a new ad campaign. Why? I knew that people needed a voice of reason to lead the way. I also understood that people’s problems were going to be agitated like never before. So I decided to stand out and be the person that could help them while creating certainty during uncertain times.

    I decided to create a workshop speaking specifically about how to stay relevant during these times. I reached out to my clients and offered them free sessions to come up with a game plan moving forward - and all of this ended up paying off.

    That first month I generated over $60k in new sales, I was interviewed in Telemundo and featured in Forbes magazine. 

    As a result of the strategies my clients were implementing, they were getting insane results too. They were signing clients left and right, they were generating leads and making sales. Yes - while the world was panicking and acting from a place of scarcity, me and my clients were rocking it.

    What I want you to understand is that this all comes from my capacity and our ability to respond during this situation. To be able to join the conversation and listen while we deliver more value.

    A lot of people feel guilty about charging money for what they do or making sales right now. What I want you to understand is that people’s problems were there before the Coronavirus, and if anything they are worse right now.

    That means that through your programs, offers, coaching or services, you have the ability to help people genuinely fix those problems. Would you rather have people stay suffering and not make sales because you feel bad?

    Your audience needs you and by you not showing up today, it means they spend yet another day stuck and going in circles suffering because they can't get this problem fixed. 

    All this to say: get out there. Offer your value and serve the way in which you were born to serve. It’s time to make an impact and for you and your business to stay relevant during the Coronavirus, you need to show up and be there.

    Things will likely never be the same, and as a brand you have a responsibility to do things differently and to find ways to resonate and connect with your audience on a deeper level. To stay relevant, you need to focus on giving and understanding how you can be a part of the solution while adding more value. 

    Three things to take into account as a business in order to stay relevant during times of Coronavirus and generate more sales online. Fabi Paolini Online business coach


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