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Case Study: Mia Mommy

Mia Mommy is an up-and-coming mommy blog from a friend in Miami. I worked on her rebranding and enjoyed it so so much! Since working together, her brand has taken a new level, reaching thousands of visitors each time she posts. This is the story of her brand.

Mia Mommy Branding Design Logo Blog Fabi Paolini

Paula Zelaya, the owner of Mia Mommy is a TV producer and blogger, mother of 3 daughters with lots of interesting stories and anecdotes to share. What makes her brand different is that she’s not afraid to be vulnerable and real, showing her virtues and defects and sharing her stories as a real mom. Part of the point behind her brand is showing that women are capable of having it all, and it’s precisely her experiences in different aspects as a woman – mother, friend, daughter, businesswoman – which she loves to share.

Mia Mommy before

Before Paula came to me, her brand wasn’t developed at all. She was still working as a TV producer and hadn’t made the decision to make a business out of her blog. Her website was done by her and she didn’t have a logo or feeling behind her brand. Mia Mommy Branding Design Logo Blog Fabi Paolini

I worked with Paula and created her Brand Brief, defining the values of her brand and determining her brand personality. The Brand Archetype that most defined her brand was the Regular Gal. That means she looks to show herself as real. Her image is trusting and she looks to create empathy through her experiences.

Mia Mommy after

After working with me, Mia Mommy now has an image that’s fresh and reflects a modern and relatable style. Showing MiaMommy as real and down to earth. We also were able to organize the different categories in her site in a way to make it easier for readers to find information on different subjects.
Since working on her rebranding, MiaMommy’s brand has taken a new level, with her articles getting a readership of almost 4,000 people each time. Incredible, right!

Mia Mommy Branding Design Logo Blog Fabi Paolini

Mia Mommy Branding Design Logo Blog Fabi Paolini

Mia Mommy Branding Design Logo Blog Fabi Paolini


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