Why is branding important? 5 reasons to start focusing on branding today

Why is branding important?

Branding is all about what people feel, think and say about your business and it comes to be from every single encounter people have with your brand, that then turn into perceptions. Okay, that sounds very good an all, but why should you care? How does that impact your business at all? Read on to find out.

Why is Branding Important? 5 reasons why investing in branding will transform your business today. Click to read more
Okay, so you may already have an idea of what the definition of branding is. In this article I explained how there are 3 different pillars of branding: the brand foundation, the brand identity and the brand experience and how all of them together are essential to forming perceptions on your target audience. However, you may be wondering what does that have to do with you? Why is branding important? Well, what I can really tell you is that in my 10+ years of experience working with all types of businesses and people, I have found that the more elaborate and defined a company’s branding is, the more successful they are. How I see it, the investment is absolutely worth it because of all the positive results you will achieve once your brand is in the right place, internally, externally and with great strategies set up as well. I really recommend that you analyze what branding is and how it could potentially impact YOUR business.

Branding gives you clarity and direction

Developing your brand means starting with defining the fundamentals of your business. This means defining your values and what you stand for. Not only that, but when you work on your branding the right way, it also means that you get to establish a mission. Now, when I talk about a mission, I don’t mean it as this phrase that you put into your business plan and completely forget.

Your business’ mission is probably one of the most important aspects of your brand. When you’re clear about why you’re doing things and where you’re going, it will obviously bring you clarity about actions and strategies that you can apply that will take you in the right direction. My mission for example is to be a branding specialist + designer that helps entrepreneurs create brands by showcasing what makes them remarkable while attracting more clients + building a successful business. Do you know what your mission is?
I created this guide for you to define the foundations of your brand and writing your mission, in it you will see how important branding is in giving you direction and clarity.
Branding Essentials: The ultimate entrepreneur's guide for discovering their brand's foundations | Mission + Unique Selling Proposition + Differentiation + Values | Branding + Design Fabi Paolini

Branding helps you differentiate your brand

In order for ANY business to really be successful, it’s fundamental that you convince your audience that they should buy from you instead of others. I mean, this is essential, right? Now, this is where branding plays a central role. You see, branding isn’t only about the visuals, it’s about understanding WHAT specifically about your business is unique and why people should buy from you instead of others. I actually wrote about 10 different things you can do to make your business stand out.
You see, being able to find your Unique Selling Proposition – aka, what about your business is unique – is really going to help you position yourself in the minds of your clients. Of course, that’s what you always want, to have the upper hand and help your audience understand that what you have to offer is really amazing.

Branding is what will tell others that you are absolutely the best choice for them and this immediately will bring you more customers, because when you understand how to position yourself, you’re more effective and direct in your communication and strategies.

Branding builds recognition

When you look incredible on the outside, with a logo that looks AND feels just like what you’re like on the inside; with consistent brand colors, fonts and communication styles on every single place that your brand exists — whether online or in the 1.0 world, you undoubtedly build recognition. I mean look, unfortunately, we live in a world where people DO judge a book by its cover. We’re super visual beings, and when something looks great on the outside, we immediately feel it must be the same on the inside. So, if your brand looks incredible, with a logo and website that are really professional, then that automatically tells your audience that you must be a professional business as well.

In today’s world, people are filled with hundreds of messages each and every single day. It’s a super overcrowded marketplace, and building brand recognition means that your business won’t go unnoticed. When building recognition you create memorable encounters with your brand and keeps people coming back, so you start to see repeat sales and referrals which are great (obviously) for your business. Of course, what you want is to stay at the top of mind of your consumers. This means that when they’re faced with a problem that you can solve, they immediately think of you and go out of their way to hire you or buy your products/services in order to find a solution.

Branding creates trust

When you build your branding, one of the most important things that you do is create trust. Having branding that looks amazing on the outside and is clearly defined on the inside shows that you’re truly committed to your business. Not only that, but when you are being consistent in the way you visually present your brand and how it communicates in every single platform, thus reinforcing recognition; you are basically building trust. Trust is one of the key factors that people take into account when making decisions of purchase. People tend to buy from companies that they can identify with and they feel are capable of really solving their problems. I always talk about this because I feel it’s essential to having success in business. Everyone has a problem (well, technically, a lot more than one). And no matter whether that problem is big or small or simple or complex, it’s your job to convince people that you are really capable of solving that problem. Your audience turns into your clients once they trust that you are the right person to solve that problem.

When your brand is consistently presented across your whole brand experience, you build that trust.
So, what does that mean for you? You want to make sure your logo looks amazing, you use the same fonts, colors and communication styles in every platform (whether online or not) and you want to clearly define what makes you unique and use it to your advantage. You can find out how to do that in the guide I created for you Branding Essentials which you can download for free right here:
Branding Essentials: The ultimate entrepreneur's guide for discovering their brand's foundations | Mission + Unique Selling Proposition + Differentiation + Values | Branding + Design Fabi Paolini

Branding makes you look good

I already mentioned that people DO judge a book by its cover, but that’s not the only reason why branding makes you look good. Of course you want your business to look amazing and represent everything that you’re about. But beyond that, branding is a chance to make you look super professional. I mean look, you don’t want people to think that you’re not the real deal, right? And even if you’re just starting out, or if you have been in business for years and haven’t taken the time to really brand your company, you want to look like you’re a key player in your industry.
Plus, when you invest on your own company, it shows your clients that you are a great choice that’s serious about solving their problems. I mean think about it, if you are going to hire a company and they have a pretty ugly logo that looks low-end and a terrible website, what does that tell you about them? If on the other hand you’re comparing them with their competition and you find someone with a beautiful logo that captures you instantly and a website that clearly defines what they do, who do you think you are more likely to hire? This is a no brainer.

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Why branding matters and is important. 5 reasons why you need to start focusing on branding today. Click to read more.

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Why is Branding Important? 5 reasons why investing in branding will transform your business today. Click to read more

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