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How to Brand Your Business | Part 1

Your business already is a brand. Whether you have 5 clients, or 100, or haven’t made your first sale yet. What you should be looking for is ways for your brand to be built in the smartest way possible in order to build the RIGHT perceptions around what you do.

How to Brand Your Business. Branding + business tips and advice. Free guide inside to build your brand's foundation, brand identity, brand experience. Click to download
Branding is all about what people feel say and think about your business/brand, and it comes to be through every encounter that they have with you that then turn into perceptions. I talked about the definition of branding right here. That’s the definition that I like to use for branding. But, what does that mean? Well, basically branding is based on 3 pillars:

The brand foundation + the brand identity + the brand experience

What is branding? The 3 pillars of branding: brand foundation, brand identity and brand experience
So, in order to build a brand around your business that’s truly effective, you want to make sure you’re clear about each of these pillars.

But, why do you want to work on really building your business’ brand? Well it’s about a few things really. It’s about giving you clarity about where you want to go. Branding will establish trust that, of course will then transfer onto sales. Branding will make you look more professional and like you’re truly committed to your brand. Branding will build recognition when you’re consistent. You can accurately portray the right message while making a lasting first impression. Branding is also about differentiating yourself from everyone else. So, in other words:

After all, think about the BIG businesses that you currently follow. Chances are that they’re clear about who they are, look amazing and are very effective about building a brand experience, right?

So, today I’m going to cover the steps you can take in order to brand your business. You can find it all in a lot more detail in the special free guide that I have made for you today.

Let’s begin:

The First Pillar: The Brand´s Foundations

Defining your mission

The first part of branding your business begins with understanding your purpose and reasons for what you’re doing. When I started my business 10 years ago, I didn’t have a clear mission. I was just working aimlessly, not really concerned with where I was going. I eventually realized that not having clarity was preventing me from growing and capturing the right clients. A mission will give you direction and will enable you to make the right decisions on a day-to-day basis. So, for example, if your mission is about helping women feel empowered and strong, your communication has to be centered around speaking to women and their needs. Or, if your mission is about helping people live a healthy lifestyle, you can’t have ads for the greasiest burgers in town. It won’t make sense to who you are as a business. Being clear about your reasons behind having a business will enable you to create strategies that will get you closer to your goals.

Determining Value

Something that I always talk about with my clients, is defining what they’re really doing versus what they’re actually doing. Sound confusing? Let me explain. In my case, I’m a graphic designer that creates logos and websites. However, what I’m really doing is working with entrepreneurs and bloggers in creating brands that attract more clients + readers thus, building their businesses. Did you notice the distinction?
Talk about what you actually do for others. People engage when they feel you care. Business + branding quote. Click to read more on branding

You see, the truth is, that nobody *really* cares about what you’re doing (well, not nobody, but most people). What they DO care about is what you’re capable of doing for them. The thing is, that every single person in the world has problems. These problems might be tiny (like they’re bored), or huge (like they can’t pay the rent), and what they actually care about is whether you’re capable of solving that problem. So, it’s not about what you’re selling. It’s really about the problem you’re solving. Maybe you write about gossip which would solve the problem of boredom. Perhaps you sell online courses teaching marketing techniques, which would give others resources to find income to pay the rent. When you focus more on communicating the solutions you’re capable of bringing to the table, people connect even more.
You can find out the value you’re creating here:

Finding what makes you unique

Another crucial part of building the foundations of your brand is determining your Unique Selling Proposition. What? What is that?! Basically, it’s what makes your brand different from everybody else’s. You see, there are probably millions of people out there doing the exact same things you are. However, the good news is that out of billions of people out there, there’s only ONE you in this whole world. So, it’s super important that you’re capable of bringing YOU to your business as much as possible. You see, talking about who you are and bringing your personality to the table will make a HUGE difference and will immediately set your business apart. And, I know what you’re thinking: Including my personality in my business will only work if what I’m developing a personal brand. And, that makes sense. However, I have been building my business around branding + design for a while now and I’ve learned that the more I share about me through my tips and advice, the more feedback I get. So, when I used to give concepts without sharing my stories, It was simply OKAY. Not a lot of people connected. However, once I started sharing my own struggles, stories and experiences intertwined with advice, my brand exploded. Take this post from a few weeks ago where I spoke about how I increased my income by 1000% in just 6 months. I shared great advice, but at the same time told my story which helped others connect more.

How to brand your business. The brand foundation. Mission, value, unique selling proposition. Branding + design
In the end it’s always about making a connection. This is one of the biggest lessons that I learned when living in so many places. No matter where you’re from, people are looking to connect and feel that they’re not alone in their struggles. People will connect more to the truth and authenticity than to this cold persona that you have created for yourself.

Being clear about your business’ brand foundations are what will take your business from being just a hobby, to making it a successful business and lifestyle. I will talk about the Second Pillar of Branding in part 2. Meanwhile, you can download the Ultimate Guide to Building an Epic Brand for your Business and start on defining the foundations of your brand.
Don’t forget to download the free guide to brand your business here:

So tell me, what makes your business different from everyone else’s? What’s your mission? What value are you creating? Make sure to leave your comments below.

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