How my income increased by 1000% in 6 months. Checklist to boost your own business inside. Business + marketing strategies. Branding + design Fabi Paolini

How my income increased by 1000% in 6 months

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s not a typo (believe it or not). My income has increased by over one thousand percent in under 6 months. Here I show you the steps that got me there.

How my income increased by 1000% in 6 months. Checklist to boost your own business inside. Business + marketing strategies. Branding + design Fabi Paolini
Saying that the past 6 months have changed my life, would be an understatement. I have been through a lot of things and learned SO much about myself and my business. It almost feels like these months have been a REAL life MBA (and this I say even though I actually did an MBA). 6 months ago I was sort of depressed, in a constant struggle worrying about whether I would really be making enough money next month to pay my bills.

I had recently moved to the States after a tough decision of leaving my country. I pretty much had to build my business up again from scratch, because my clients where all in Venezuela, and I wasn’t there anymore. What was I going to do? How would we make it? Fast forward to 6 months later, and my life is completely different than what it used to be. Clients keep on coming in abundantly, I no longer have to worry about paying bills, my creativity is flowing like never before, I’m creating content I love sharing, my confidence has gone up, and I’m transforming people’s life everyday. Wooo! Amazing!
I’m sharing with you this free checklist of 25 things YOU can do to boost your brand, and maybe even increase sales by over 1000% as well! Make sure you download it here:

Boost Your Brand - Guide + Checklist with 25 things you can do to boost your business. Boost through branding, design, sales funnels, social sharing. Fabi Paolini

So, how did I do it? Here it goes:

I upgraded my mindset

The moment I stopped doubting my abilities to create wonderful things, the moment things changed for me. I have a confession to make. I was stuck in scarcity mode 100% and guess what? Scarcity mindset sucks. And I say that literally, it sucks you down a rabbit hole that is filled with negativity and shrinking.

I made the decision to make a change. I didn’t want to continue living my life in self-doubt. I asked myself:

Is this attitude serving me at all? The answer: No. Nope. Not at all.

So, I started believe that I could. And I did.

Once you open yourself to the possibility that you can, that you’re enough, and that you will make it; things start to shift. Suddenly you’re more creative. Suddenly you have an inflow of ideas and opportunities start to present themselves. It was like a lot of miracles unfolding themselves in front of my own eyes. My possibilities constantly expanded themselves. This first shift changed it all.

You see, for me it was all about having the confidence in myself and my value that allowed me to create something bigger than before. I decided that I wanted to change the way I did business and how I related to my audience. However, in order for this change to occur, I needed to make sure that I was emotionally ready for the change. So, I made sure I believed that my work and my value was worth what I was doing.

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Understanding your strengths as a business will enable you to achieve anything you want in terms of goals. Sometimes we have a hard time seeing the true value that we are capable of delivering our clients. When I started this entrepreneurial journey and ‘relaunch’ I felt so small. I felt so much as a fraud at times, thinking I wasn’t good enough or even a bit of an impostor syndrome. You know that feeling? Of thinking “wait a minute, are people really listening to me?”

What I learned in this process is that it’s completely normal for that to happen, and that you have to surround yourself with success stories to constantly remind you that: YES, you are incredible.

I kept an album in my phone full of screenshots from messages that clients had sent me full of wonderful reviews and praise. I kept reminders of before and afters and amazing results from my clients. Like messages of excitement after increasing their sales by over 400% in 30 days within their launch, or signing their first 20 clients just 5 months after starting their business. I had to constantly, almost daily, remind myself that yes, I was that incredible.

Even when it gets unbelievable, even when the tough days come around and we have a hard time understanding that what we offer is truly unique. For me, getting clear on the things that made me a brand different where essential to getting my mindset AND confidence in the right place.

I invested in coaching

I then realized that I didn’t know it all. That in order to take my business to a new level, I needed to seek out help and guidance that would lead me in the right path. The wonderful thing about hiring a coach is that it almost feels like you’re jumping ahead a hundred steps at once.
When you look for someone that already has the experience, the strategies and tactics it all becomes easier for you to understand and ultimately implement.
So, I did two different coaching programs. One was focused on business marketing and one focused on mindset strategies.
They were both covering two different angles that I felt I needed in order to really get out of the hole I was in. Were they expensive? You bet. But guess what? I quickly made a return on both my investments and the changes on my business were absolutely radical. I learned by my own experience that in order to win big, you have to be willing to play big. The knowledge and strategies I learned were fundamental in changing the way I approached business.

I got to a point where I understood that it’s not enough doing things alone. That if you truly want to make things happen in your business, you have to make investments that, sometimes might seem scary, but are there to make you grow. What I understood is that in order to be able to go out there and ask people to invest in themselves through me, I would need to be the type of person willing to do the same thing.

I think that investments that are done with true thought, are something that you absolutely need if you are intending to grow. I made a lot of small investments that didn’t work too much. You know, online course here, eBook there…I fell for the trap so many times. What I realized though is that they were getting me nowhere. Moving a tiny step forward and then keeping me behind because I didn’t have someone to help me or teach me how to implement, was doing nothing for my business.

Investing in the right person (as in, someone there to guide you and move you forward) is going to help SO much more than trying to figure it all out by yourself. Makes sense, right?

I rebranded

The next step was taking a look within my own business to make changes that reflected my new knowledge and ideas. It’s funny, this is something I – literally – do every single day for my clients, but it had been a while since I had applied it to myself.

My logo almost stayed the same, except for a small font change in the tagline. The big change, however, was in my website. I radically changed not only how it looked, but the way I communicated who I was for others. I changed my focus from me to you. I stopped talking about my services, and started talking about the experience of transformation my clients achieved when they worked with me. I added great examples to my portfolio that really showcased what I love to do. I removed services that I didn’t want to focus on working on anymore (like creating brochures or invitations).

All of these changes were absolutely necessary for my brand. You see, I realized that my brand wasn’t relevant. This means that people weren’t really talking about what I was doing or who I was at all. I had changed my values and views and needed to reflect that and I was looking to grow my business, so I needed to shake things up as much as possible. I’m embarrassed to say that my site was really outdated and there was a disconnect from what I was saying to what I was doing. All of these things let me launch a whole new me, and that made a HUGE difference in my business!

Here I share 25 different things you can do (all of which I followed) to help boost YOUR brand:
Boost Your Brand - Guide + Checklist with 25 things you can do to boost your business. Boost through branding, design, sales funnels, social sharing. Fabi Paolini

What I focused on most were 2 essential aspects: defining what makes me unique as a brand and understanding what my audience truly wants.

finding your ‘it’ factor

Here’s the deal, until you find and discover what makes you absolutely and unequivocally unique, you are going to have a hard time getting people to hire you or buy from you. What I understood the most in this process was that I needed to truly use what makes me unique to my advantage. Here’s the thing, no matter what it is that you do, there are TONS of people out there doing exactly the same thing. Right? I mean, how many people do you follow online that are offering some version of what you are doing? Hundreds. Thousands. It feels sometimes like everyone is doing the same thing.

So, unless you give people a reason to choose you over everyone else, you have 2 likely things that will happen: either they will choose a cheaper option OR they will choose a more expensive one that has a bigger online presence. You want to make sure they choose YOU.

What I did was differentiate myself on a number of different factors. I understood that my story was different because I had lived all over the world, I had an MBA (which most designers don’t), I’m a mixture between business coach, branding coach, designer and web developer and I help build Brands that Attract. Brands that Attract are brands that have the following 5 factors:

  • Fabi Paolini - Branding coach + designer building unique brands that attractCLARITY

  • Fabi Paolini - Branding coach + designer building unique brands that attractCONFIDENCE

  • Fabi Paolini - Branding coach + designer building unique brands that attractMAGNETISM


  • Fabi Paolini - Branding coach + designer building unique brands that attractIMPACT

Here’s the thing: while there might be a ton of people doing something relatively similar to what I’m doing, I guarantee that NONE of them are focused on developing each of the 5 elements of Brands that Attract. None of them have the system I have created where I help them build the foundations of their brand, design it, create the website, and then guide them to have the systems to turn traffic into clients. Nobody else does ALL of those things together.

So, what this means to you is, you need to figure out what makes you #1. And yes, trust me, there are things in which you are the absolute best at in the whole wide world. I know you might think that’s impossible, but it’s not. I hear that from clients all the time “Fabi, I’m not special at anything in particular,” and then we go in and discover that they have a story that is SO powerful and capable of making huge connections and we build their communication based on that. Guess what happens? Total success.

understanding what your audience really wants

The next point was getting very clear on defining who my audience was and communicating to them effectively. Here’s the thing with my business, I cover a very wide range of people. From people that are literally just starting out, to people that have been in business for years. From online businesses, to restaurants. From coaches to Doctors. And then, everything in between.

But, what I realized is that the most common factor that pretty much unified them all is that they were all premium brands. A premium brand is a brand that wants to look and feel high-end. You might be charging high-end prices like my clients from Global Investment:

or my clients from Way Beyond Jewels:

Or you might be charging $10 for your products, like my client from The Simple Life Pattern Company:

The important thing, is that they are premium brands. They look incredible and are past the DIY phase and ready to make a lasting impact in their fields. They want to be known for something and deliver massive value to their clients.

Once I understood and clearly defined my audience, my complete brand and communication radically changed. It moved from being very wide, to speaking to a narrow audience that I knew I could serve better. I went from vaguely mentioning what I do, to saying:

I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses (or ideas) by transforming them into premium brands that attract.

You see how powerful it is when you are talking directly at your audience and telling them the real outcome of working with you?

What this means for you is that you need to talk more about what your audience is truly looking for by hiring (or buying) from you.

I talk about this in much more detail right here. You should check this out if you want to know how to improve your communication with your audience in order to connect on a deeper level AND grow your business.

I put myself out there

For so many years I had been hiding behind a computer; working away in my little bubble. I had been pretty successful in my business, having clients flock to me through referrals. I never had to do any marketing at all, because one client would always lead to the next, and then the next, and so on.

But then I moved to a new country, and I had to start from zero. I realized how important it was to take my business truly online. I had to find my voice and make sure everyone heard it. I mean, after all, I had so many stories of success in my clients, it’s not like I had nothing to share! I grew up living in Brazil, Spain, Venezuela, USA and India. I’m married to a famous Venezuelan singer. I had more than 10 years of experience creating successful brands and making people famous. I had an MBA. And now I was starting my path in a new country.

I suddenly felt certain that people would be interested in what I had to share. My experience and knowledge in branding could definitely help entrepreneurs in creating their own brands, and my stories would be great for connecting with people all over the world.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and went into action. I researched all that I had to learn about different social media strategies and I started working away. I created two Facebook groups (one in English and one in Spanish) where I could share exclusive content and answer any questions. I joined other Facebook groups where I could put myself out there with my advice and knowledge. I started writing weekly blog posts and talking about them on Facebook Live each Thursday. I created a Free course (which I’m currently revamping and will relaunch soon), teaching people how to build the foundations of their brands. I recorded a live webinar. I became active on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

I tried it all, and then tweaked and tweaked until I made sure that the efforts I was putting in were really working. AND I did it all in English AND Spanish at the same time. Crazy? Yep. But it DEFINITELY paid off!

Most importantly, I made sure that my message was aligned EVERYWHERE. What I understood is that having a message that is washed down here or tweaked a bit there does nothing for building your recognition. You want to make sure you are known for something, not for a few various little things that sort of amount to something. So, in everything that comes out of your business, you have to make sure that your message is absolutely aligned. For this to happen, you need to start by analyzing what different touch points there are in your brand. These could be your website, social media, Facebook Group posts, emails, phone calls, material you send out, lead magnets. Once you have determined what these things are, make sure that your message is completely aligned on all of them. If you are talking to an audience and teaching about something, your message, language, call to action and style have to be the same everywhere. The reason for this is that people start to trust you more and more and start seeing you as the expert once they see your show up again and again in the same way.

This made a huge transformation in my business. I was suddenly seen as the branding expert and having people come to me and wanting to work with me because they understood the value of my work just from seeing my style of communication.

I set up a sales funnel

By this point I had my whole structure set up. I had clear strategies, a brand that reflected what I wanted to reflect, traffic coming into my website and I was doing everything to make sure I was being seen. So, the missing link? Setting up a sales funnel.

A sales funnel is basically a way to lead your audience from knowing about, to liking you to finally trusting you enough that they buy from you. Creating a sales funnel has made a huge difference in increasing my income and making the ultimate change in my business, and making my website convert like crazy!

It’s all about building an experience around your brand an making a channel for people to travel through it with you. Creating a sales funnel has been fundamental to making it all come together and work for my own business.

Making sure you have a system in place that will guarantee your success is essential for the growth of your business. What tends to happen a lot is that people miss this step altogether. They decide to do ads or something else, but completely forget to think about how they will turn the new people that are coming into their environment into clients. For me, I didn’t have any sort of funnel setup before, and now, I’m so good at it and having incredible conversion rates, it’s one of the biggest things I offer my audience. My clients have a sales funnel completely setup for them in the website I create for them. Not only that, I also guide them in what every single email needs to have in order for them to achieve more sales. The reason why this happens is that I now understand that having a beautiful brand and a perfect website does nothing if you are not generating clients from it. If you have a website there just to look cute, you are pretty much missing the point. Your website needs to be generating sales *while you sleep.* Your funnel needs to be in place working for you. Understanding this and using it to my advantage not only radically changed my business, but it also changed my clients’ as well.

I talk more about having a system and different way to increase conversions and ROI (Return on Investment) right here as well.

5 steps to boost your business income. Free checklist inside with ways to build your brand. Branding + design advice by Fabi PaoliniSo, it has been quite a ride, and I feel that I’m only just beginning! I’m getting ready to start doing conferences before the year ends and creating a couple more online courses to help entrepreneurs build their own sales funnels and implement effective marketing strategies for their brands.

However, the biggest impact I feel right now, more so than my bank account, has been in my confidence. I have found that my voice counts and makes a difference in the world. That what I do potentially impacts the lives of thousands of people, and that’s why it’s so important for me to have realized that I didn’t have to shrink and I didn’t have to hide. All of these strategies have help build a successful business and life I have always dreamt of. That is always the ultimate goal, and what I would say to you is: focus on doing what you are best at and give it all your heart and work so that you too can build that business you have always wanted.

So, now I ask you: what did you take away from this post? What will you do to build your own business? Share below!

Download the checklist and guide and tell me which ones work best for you!
Boost Your Brand - Guide + Checklist with 25 things you can do to boost your business. Boost through branding, design, sales funnels, social sharing. Fabi Paolini

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