How to build a brand and business that attracts. The 5 steps to building a business that has impact and the capacity to bring in new clients and opportunities. Fabi Paolini Branding + Design

How to build a brand + business that attracts

I have been working in branding for over 10 years now, and in the process, have learned SO much about what it takes to build a truly successful business. I have worked with all sorts of entrepreneurs. Literally, anything you can imagine possible. From restaurants to dating coaches, from dentists to singers, from business coaches to bloggers. And then everything in between.

In the process of building my business and working with clients, I have become obsessive in discovering what it takes to build a successful business. I always keep on asking myself:

why is it that some businesses are WILDLY successful from the beginning, while others are struggling to survive?

This is something that I simply couldn’t let go. So, I started analyzing and truly looking to discover what the most successful businesses in the world had in common, as well as looking at my clients and what the biggest success stories were doing right. What I discovered completely transformed my own business and the way I saw my brand.

I realized that ALL the successful businesses had Brands that Attract.

So, what is a Brand that Attracts? It’s a brand that is developed and done with complete consciousness. It’s a brand that has complete and absolute confidence in itself and has the capacity to reach the right audience at the right time. It’s a brand that is constantly and continuously creating a momentum, an impact that goes beyond the status quo.

As entrepreneurs, we are often so focused on the day-to-day activities, we forget about working on truly building our brands. We are hustling, looking for clients and opportunities to grow. However, what we fail to notice is that if we stop for a moment and work on building our brands, the impact could change everything.

Realizing this completely transformed everything in my business. I started working on developing the 5 core aspects of building a Brand that Attracts and the results were absolutely phenomenal. Here I break it down into 5 core aspects you need to work on in order to build a Brand that Attracts.

I also created this free guide which will give you insights into the most common branding + websites mistakes you want to avoid when building a brand that Attracts (and that are probably keeping you from commanding premium pricing as well!)

having complete clarity

The first step to building a Brand that Attracts is having absolute clarity on who you are as a business, where you are going and who your audience is.
It’s funny, a lot of us start just sort of “winging it.” Not completely sure about why we are doing things and simply going by instinct and survival. However, the more clarity you have about where you are going, the easier it will be to get there. It’s like going on a cross-country trip without a GPS. Knowing where that GPS is going to is extremely important because it will define and determine the steps and decisions we will have to make to get there.

It’s so important to have a bigger vision around your business. Understanding where your strengths are and what different opportunities there are to monetize and expand. Of course, this will evolve over the years as your own business grows, but every large company in the world is always focused on the next big step. That next big thing they need to do to get ahead. The reason why this works for them is that they know, without a shadow of a doubt what their purpose is. They define and live in their values and make every decision based upon these ideals.

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having the confidence in your business

This is probably one of the most important parts of making sure you are building a Brand that Attracts. Having confidence means understanding EXACTLY the things that make your business and brand unique. Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter what field you are in, it’s going to be highly saturated. There are so many people and businesses out there competing for the same dollar, it could drive you insane. If you fail to differentiate yourself, you lose the opportunity to expand. You lose the client. Period. There’s no way around this.

The reason for this is that for every business out there, there are probably thousands more that are cheaper, or have more experience or credibility out there.

What’s the silver lining? Your competition doesn’t matter if you understand, down to the last detail, what your strengths are. This means knowing what makes you different, what makes you unique. Why, out of all the choices out there, people should choose you.

And believe me, every single business out there have more than enough reasons to be #1 at something. Once you understand those reasons and leverage them to your advantage, you are, essentially, creating absolute and total confidence in your brand and business. Because you know that once you come across your clients, there isn’t a better solution than what you offer for them. You start understanding it’s YOU that’s doing a favor to them, not the other way around.

Think about the big brands and businesses out there. They have total confidence in their brands. They aren’t afraid to show their strengths and are clear about what makes them different — good different.

I’ll share with you an example with a client of mine. Jo, a management consultant, was just launching her business and was a bit unsure of her level of credibility. We started working on defining her differentiating factors and creating a confident brand. After all, she had more than 15 years of experience and was an expert in making connections and brining solutions to small business owners. She had a net of contacts and resources that is awe inspiring. She is extremely skilled at seeing the bigger picture and finding simple, easy and fast solutions. Even though she didn’t have experience in her OWN business, she was so good at what she did, she was awarded the highest award for leadership in employees in the company she used to work in. A global, multinational business with over 3,000 employees worldwide. And they gave HER the award. Jo definitely had MORE than enough reasons to feel confident about her brand.

being magnetic to your ideal audience

The next step to building a Brand that Attracts is being completely magnetic to your ideal audience. Easier said than done, right? Well, it all starts with understanding exactly WHO your audience is.
It’s funny, a lot of my clients come to me either clueless about their audience, or thinking that they already know enough. My take on it? You can never know TOO much about your audience. It’s the reason why businesses such as Apple and Starbucks spend MILLIONS of dollars a year in research, focus groups and studies. Because you can never know too much about them.
Understanding and knowing your audience means:

Talking directly to them, letting know you really get them and can offer solutions to the problem they have

Creating offers and solutions that are tailored specifically to their needs — so you know you have an actual audience for them.

Understanding and knowing that ideal audience is what can guarantee that your business becomes magnetic. Because by creating offers that there’s an audience for will bring in people to buy them. Makes sense right?
You need to determine who your ideal client is to create offers + solutions tailored specifically to their needs. Fabi Paolini Branding + Design

Defining and understanding your audience is SO important in fact, I wrote about how to choose your ideal audience here, how to define who they are right here, and I even have a mini-course called “How to Create Irresistible Offers by Giving Your Audience Exactly What they Want.”

I talk about common positioning and audience mistakes in the free guide I created for you, so make sure to download it right here:

reflecting your value

What good does it do to have clarity on who you are, to understand your strengths and to know who your audience is if you aren’t capable of reflecting your value?
Reflecting your value means 2 things:

Verbally communicating how valuable you are

Visually showing you are a valuable business

Pretty simple, right? Essentially, it’s about making sure that EVERY SINGLE POINT of communication that people have with your business shows you as the best, hands-down, no-brainer option for them. You need to make sure you are verbally capable of captivating your audience and having them understand how their lives will improve by buying from you.
On the other hand, you also, want to ensure that your brand looks like a million dollars as well. It’s not enough to have any basic image, but an image that is capable of reflecting the level of quality you are offering. It’s the key to being able to command premium pricing as well. I talk about how to command premium pricing right here as well.

I’ll show you this with an example. Rococoa Café is a client I worked with a couple of years ago. Their brand was not reflecting the quality of their food. They had this INCREDIBLE chef that had studied with the best pastry chefs in Paris, and still, their brand looked lo-end.

So, we went in, worked on their brand and made sure it reflected quality. Something that you could look at and instantly see value. This is what is looks like now.
Rococoa Branding + logo design + web design Fabi Paolini Small Business branding and identity design - Fabi Paolini

Can you see how this difference is reflecting another level of value? Making sure your brand does the same will make an incredible difference in your business.

building the impact

Finally, the last step to building a Brand that Attracts is creating that impact, building that momentum that gets you going. This means having strategies in place that will make sure you are are truly taking your business to the next level.

Impact also means creating an experience around your brand. It means looking at every single touch point and making sure that it’s consistent every step of the way. It means having a website that is built for success and having a clear and consistent social media strategy that is focused on building your brand. I talk about creating a simple social media strategy right here.
It’s also about understanding that there are times where you simply have to invest in your business. One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my experience as an entrepreneur is that it’s almost impossible to grow without investment. If you want to win big, you have to be willing to bet on yourself. You have to be willing to take the steps that will get you there.

Impact means following through on strategies and looking for opportunities.

Building a Brand that Attracts has the potential to truly transform the way you do business. Take a look at all the businesses that you admire and you will notice that every single one of them has the 5 elements I mentioned above. They all have:


When you consciously work on developing and cultivating these 5 aspects, your business is well on its way to success. It’s the experience I have had in my own business and what I see in my clients as well.

Remember, you can sign up and download the guide covering the most common branding and website mistakes keeping you from building a Brand that Attracts (and even commanding premium pricing!). Make sure to download it right here:

Now, let me ask you, which of the 5 core areas are you struggling with the most in your own business? Answer below!

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