Your One thing. Discovering your Unique Selling Proposition. Differentiating your brand. Entrepreneur. Stand out.

Your One Thing: Finding your unique selling proposition

finding your unique selling proposition

Worried that you don’t know what makes you different (as in, GOOD different)? Trying to figure out what your Unique Selling Proposition is? Read on to find out

Your One thing. Discovering your Unique Selling Proposition. Differentiating your brand. Entrepreneur. Stand out.

I used to worry so much that I wasn’t UNIQUE enough. I know it might sound crazy to you right now because of all the things I have been through in my life. But, still.

I felt that there was simply too much competition out there. Too many people doing exactly the same thing as me. How was I supposed to stand out?

I know you get what I mean. As entrepreneurs, we all go through this. You know, looking for ways to figure out how to differentiate ourselves and actually be seen.

But then, it dawned on me: I have SO many things that make me completely and 100% different from everyone else. Once I started leveraging my brand on these qualities, it all changed for me — big time. My income increased, my business exploded and I was suddenly booked months in advanced.

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Build a Brand that Attracts - A free email branding course | Fabi Paolini Branding + Design + entrepreneur

your story

The first thing you need to look at as an entrepreneur is your story. Here's the thing, regardless of how many people in your industry are doing exactly what YOU are doing, there's ONLY one you in this whole wide world. Only one person with the story you have to tell.

When I realized this, it completely changed my way of doing business. I had quite a story to tell after all! I had grown up living all around the world in countries like Brazil, Spain, Venezuela, India and the US. I am married to a famous Latin Pop star and have been instrumental to the success of his career. I relaunched my business. From scratch. When moving from Venezuela to the US a couple of years ago and then was able to increase my income by 1011% in only 6 months. The list could go on and on.

I guarantee you, without a shadow of a doubt, that NOBODY else in the whole wide world can share a story like mine. THAT is my ONE thing (or, one of them!).

What is YOURS? What part of your story is so remarkable and unique that people could just hear you talking about for hours to come? I'm sure there are many. If you think there aren't, ask around. You will come up with a few!

your skills

The next part in understanding your Unique Selling Proposition is determining your skills. This basically has to do with what you have learned so far and up until this point.
What have you studied? What did you learn in school? Maybe you graduated from something specific or perhaps you have done a ton of courses on a particular topic.

Then again, there are those things that you didn't necessarily learn by studying, but you are simply, naturally talented at.

What do people come to you for A LOT?

So, for me, I'm talented at designing! I have (what I consider to be) pretty good taste and the capacity to make something remarkable out of other people's ideas. I did an MBA, which is pretty atypical for a designer. I'm a pretty good writer (you agree, yes?), and I'm pretty good at speaking in public. These are all skills that make me different and unique as well.

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your experience

Finally, the last place where you can look to define what makes you unique and how to use that to your advantage is your experience. Where does your experience lie so far? Who have you worked with in the past years or weeks or months?
Maybe you haven't worked anywhere specifically, but you are the go-to person for something in particular like giving advice, or solving a particular promise. Think about what exactly you have had experience in the past.

For example, for me, I have had more that 10 years of experience working with all sorts of entrepreneurs helping them create beautiful brands that attract.

Other things I have had experience in? Giving advice! I'm the go-to person for giving analytical advice to my friends.

connecting the dots

Your One thing. Discovering your Unique Selling Proposition. Differentiating your brand. Entrepreneur. Stand out.
Now that you can look back at these 3 key areas, look at ways in which you can connect the dots. What aspects can you bring together as one into your business? For example, in my case, my story as an entrepreneur that has lived all around the world, my skills as a designer and in business and my experience in branding for so many years, have taught me how to be THE best designer. My one thing? No one can beat me at creating something truly unique and brining the best out of their clients. No one can beat me at being me.

My Brand Elevator Pitch says: I help entrepreneurs transform their passions (referencing how I'm great at advice and coaching/guiding people) into unique brands that attract (referencing how I help people create a truly unique brand).

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Build a Brand that Attracts - A free email branding course | Fabi Paolini Branding + Design + entrepreneur

So, what's you ONE thing? What makes you stand out above everyone else? What's special about you? Tell us in the comments below!

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