by giving your audience


everything you need to know
about discovering and finding
your ideal audience

I can teach you to create offers that sell like hotcakes by getting to know exactly what your audience really wants.

Mini Course: 4 Video trainings + Workbooks include EVERYTHING you need to know about your perfect ideal audience, so that you can create your own irresistible offers TODAY.

Using this same technique and strategy, I have been able to be fully booked out in my business a month in advance AND have created offers that have quickly sold out

what you get

  • On demand access to the masterclass recordings
  • 4 Video Lessons with all the details you need to know about how to define, find, discover and connect with your ideal audience
  • Four Fillable Workbooks to help you digest the content and fully apply it to your business, so you can keep track of all your findings and refer back to them when you are creating new content or offers
  • Personal login to access the recordings and workbooks for life, so you can re-visit the resources when you are feeling stuck or if your business evolves

here´s what´s inside

  • The reason why it’s CRUCIAL for you to know and clearly define who your ideal audience is
  • Everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) you need to know ir order to find and attract real life dream clients
  • A proven step-by-step process for finding who your audience is, what they really want and how to create those irresistible offers (no more creating fake or made up imaginary avatars!)
  • The most powerful lesson in discovering what your audience really wants that no one else is teaching
  • How to create irresistible offers that attract your ideal client

who this is for:

Coaches, designers, writers, photographers, creative and ambitious entrepreneurs who want to find their ideal clients in real life and start creating irresistible offers that sell.

The best part? You already are surrounded by your ideal clients, all you need is the right information and proven action steps to find and attract them.

get instant lifetime access:


here’s what people are already saying:

“When I took Fabi’s training, it changed my business. Fabi has done a phenomenal job being able to identify clearly what it is to have that ideal client and serve them. When you get into how they think about their world, you can serve them. Fabi helped me get that clarity to help my business grow and attract the ideal client and it has been a life changer for my business”

Hola! I´m fabi paolini

I’m a branding coach and designer focused on helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses (or ideas) by transforming them into unique Brands that Attract. Part of building a Brand that Attracts means being able to create magnetic offers that are capable of connecting with your audience on a deeper level.

I know exactly how important it is to create offers that speak to your ideal client and a business that offers them a solution to their problem.

That’s why I have taken the guesswork OUT of figuring out who your audience is. No more creating false avatars out of thin air. No more spending time doing things that nobody buys. You need to have a proven system that will help you understand EXACTLY what your audience really needs and wants.

That’s why I created this mini-course. To help you find your ideal clients IN THE REAL WORLD so you know exactly who they are and start creating offers that appeal to them.