Building a consistent brand for your business that's capable of making you recognizable. Must read!

6 steps to build a consistent brand

Building a consistent brand is the key to creating the recognition you need in order to make an impact and attract the right people to your business. So, what do you need to know in order to create that consistency? Read on to find out.

steps to build a consistent brand as an online coach fabi paolini brand strategy

One of the biggest keys in business – and probably in life, is being consistent.

I have seen it personally in my business and how it has taken off, just by making sure I’m focused on what I’m doing all the time. When I talk about consistency, I mean it in every sense for your brand. In your tone, in the way your brand looks, in the content you’re creating and the frequency that you’re sharing it too. All of these things will build upon themselves and help in creating a brand that is recognized. But, how do you streamline this process? How do you build consistency for your business? If you need help in defining or determining your brand, I created a pretty amazing 7-day free email course on branding for you which you can check out right here
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consistency in who you are

It all starts with getting very clear on who you are and what your values are as well. Your mission statement is a great way to start. Now, if you think that your mission statement is something that you just put on your business plan (if you have one) and then forget about it forever, then you’re wrong. Your mission is more about your purpose. Understanding the why that’s driving you forward. I talked about this in detail in this article.

So, for example, my mission is to “transform your passions into unique brands that attract.” That means, that every piece of content I create had to have that in mind. Of course, this is obvious when working with clients as I am literally designing unique brands for them. But, when I’m deciding on which topics to write about on my blog or what to talk about in a Webinar, I keep this in mind. I make sure that the content is aligned and consistent with helping others create unique brands that attract.

in communicating with your audience

The next very important step is really making sure that you are very clear on who your audience is. When you know them and the problems they have, all you have to do is focus on creating solutions for them. This means that you have to be consistent in the way that you communicate with them as well. If you don’t know how to define your ideal audience, you can download the free guide I created for discovering your ideal audience right here:
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This means that if you really understand that audience on a deeper level, you also clearly define how you want to reach them. Of course, the best way to do that is by creating content that they will be drawn to.

So, in my case, my ideal audience are entrepreneurs that are ready to make an impact with their brands online. They’re people that don’t want to feel invisible amongst their competition, and want others to see the value they provide.

consistency in your tone

The next part if understanding your brand’s personality and using a consistent tone. You see, your focus shouldn’t only be placed on how your brand looks like on the outside, but also on the way that you’re talking to others. Is your brand friendly and approachable? Is it more sophisticated and high-end? Is your brand sarcastic and bold?

For example, in my business, I like to be very approachable. It’s who I am and it represents me better. I’m professional, of course, but I also am real, honest and transparent. That means that every piece of content I share, I try to do it keeping this in mind.

consistency in your logo

The next key to building a consistent brand is making sure you look the same everywhere people come across your business. Of course, that’s not to say that you won’t have variations to your logo, because you want it to be adaptable. However, it is important that people look at your logo and immediately recognize you there.

This is what my logo looks like, and you will see some variation of it in different places. The important thing is that no matter where you see it, you will recognize it and notice it’s mine.
Fabi Paolini Branding + Design + Entrepreneur

The same is true for the logo from Way Beyond Jewels for example. Even though they have variations depending on where you see it, it’s still them.

Adaptable logo design Fabi Paolini branding Way Beyond Jewels

consistency in your images

By using the same elements consistently, your audience will begin to identify and notice that they come from you. What an incredible way to build trust and credibility! You want to make sure you nail down the colors, fonts, and photography styles so that people see it and recognize you immediately. For example, it only takes me 3 seconds of a Target or Old Navy TV commercial for me to know what the brand is. Without the logo. The reason for this is the types of images they share, the content, the soundtrack, the copy. All of it immediately relates back to the brand.

For my brand, no matter where you look for me (I’m @fabipaolini everywhere, by the way), you will find the same color scheme, fonts, and styles. This is both online and off!
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consistency in your strategy

By this point, you are pretty clear on what your brand sounds like and looks like, which is pretty amazing. Now, the next part is being consistent with your strategy. Your brand strategy is about how you plan on showing your brand, what you will share, when and where you share it and to whom. This is the place where you bring it all together so that it makes sense.

It’s also the moment when you really think about the frequency in your content. If you have a blog for example for your business, then, how often are you writing for it? How often are you sending newsletters? How often are you updating or uploading images to your Instagram?

You want to make sure you define a strategy that’s smart and focused. Don’t waste your time on doing things that are not driving traffic to your website, and, ultimately, your business. Yes, you want to build your brand and its recognition, but your final goal is to transform that audience into loyal fans. The best way to do this is to drive that traffic to your site.

Building a consistent brand for your business that's capable of making you recognizable. Must read!

What’s the big takeaway here? Consistency is extremely important for any business. It’s what will make the difference of you “making it” or not. Of you truly standing out in the crowd, or being lost in a sea of competition.
I can tell you from my own personal experience that consistency has been responsible for my success. The way I do it is by setting up a system. Not only having a clear brand guideline, but also an established schedule that allows me to know exactly what I need to do each day in order to – yep – consistently move my business forward. Still need help in streamlining your brand? Make sure to sign up for the free 7-day email course on branding right here:

What are some tips that you’ve found helpful for creating a consistent business? Share below!

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