How to build an authentic business that you're passionate about. All the keys you need to know about creating a business + life you love and that brings you joy. Read on to find out more!

How to build an authentic business you’re passionate about

it´s time to be authentic and bring passion to your business

Being authentic in business means being true to who you are and what you love. But, how does that translate into something that is more tangible and real? How do you bring your passion into your day-to-day?

How to build an authentic business that you're passionate about. All the keys you need to know about creating a business + life you love and that brings you joy. Read on to find out more!
When I started my business around 10 years ago, I did it for a few reasons. One, of course, was to make money. This is probably one of the reasons why most of us (if not all), get into business in the first place. Other reasons included having freedom, being independent and taking leadership over my own life; making my own decisions and living in my own terms. Those reasons have actually evolved quite a bit over the years. The more time goes by, the more I realize that my business isn’t really about me, it’s about making an impact and really leaving something special behind.

One of the things I really make an effort at, is making sure that I am being truly authentic in my business. The more I get into what I do, the more I feel I’m becoming more comfortable with who I am and what I want to say about me and my business. So, today I want to share with you what I feel you need in order to build a business that’s authentic to you. I have also created a free online course about Building a Brand that Attracts, which is based on bringing that uniqueness you have to the table. Sign up right now for free below!
Build a Brand that Attracts - A free email branding course | Fabi Paolini Branding + Design + entrepreneur

find your passions + purpose

Building a business that’s authentic to you and that you’re passionate about precisely starts with finding out what your passions are. Beyond making money, beyond having the freedom of owning your own business, what is it that you truly believe in?

For me, my passion started to develop and bring itself to light as the years went by. I have always been passionate about design, for example. I have also been passionate about learning and teaching others what I discover. Beyond that, it’s about also determining what your true purpose is. If it were only about making money, well, you would go get a job somewhere and make money that way. When you’re an entrepreneur, your purpose sometimes goes beyond what you can even imagine. Ask yourself:

why am I doing this?

When you get in touch with that real reason, you inevitably work with a lot more passion and commitment.

Sometimes we’re so focused on what we “have” to do, that we leave behind what truly makes us happy. And, while you might be successful this way, it’s unlikely that doing things you “must” do will bring you the fulfillment you wanted when you started your business.
To me, the more fun I have in my business, the more successful I am. Of course, like with everyone, there are bad days. There are days where I forget the why and feel burdened by daily tasks and things that sometimes are part of business. But then I try to bring joy to the little moments; whether if it’s by listening to music (this is something I have been listening to lately while I work), or taking a moment to laugh and play with my 1 year old or switch to doing something you’re passionate about right now. Always do what you need to reconnect to that why, that purpose and the real reason you got into business in the first place.

be unapologetic about making your dreams come true

Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes things seem complicated and we move away from our passions. Sometimes we feel that our ideas are impossible. Screw that. I say, be unapologetic about making your dreams your reality. At first that will mean that you will have to hustle and work hard in order to make things happen for you, but trust me, it all becomes easier. No matter how crazy or insane or far-fetched your dreams are, they can become your reality. All you have to do is do. That’s right. Start doing, start researching, start learning, start acting and creating. Any step you make to move forward will get you closer to what you want.
All you have to worry about right now is what you can do today to move you closer to your dreams. Don’t worry about how it all will come together, don’t worry about whether it will work or not, focus your attention on the small, simple actions you can do today to move you forward. Sometimes all it takes is a really tiny action. Like reading an article that will teach you something you will be able to apply right now, or reaching out to someone you think will be interested.

I’ll give you an example. Currently I’m working on developing a collaborative platform dedicated at Latin women and teaching them to become entrepreneurs. Do I know the details about how it will come together? Nope. Do I know who will be a part of it? Nope. But still, I go forward. Why? Because I have a very clear vision of what I want to do with it.So, on my part, I have built the branding around it, designed its logo, and even created the website. I have a friend that will be taking photos for me and I’m getting the first part of the content setup in order to find the people that will collaborate for it. I’m taking care of my part and I have total certainty that the rest will come together and that this idea I have will be a total success.

Another thing is forgetting this idea that you don’t have the time, because it’s not true. You see people all over the world doing huge things with the same 24 hours that you have. Make time. Be unapologetic about making it a reality. If that means getting up earlier or staying up later or not going out on the weekends to work on your project, so be it. If you are serious about building a business that’s authentic and that you’re passionate about, you will need to make “sacrifices.” Although, let me warn you about something, they won’t feel like sacrifices if it’s something you truly love. They will feel like the funnest, most fulfilling moments in your life and time will simply go fast for you.

build a brand around you

Building a business that’s authentic to you means making sure you build your brand around you. Maybe you have heard this trend lately about how powerful storytelling is for business. There’s a reason for that. Basically, people are all looking to connect. That’s what we all want. To know that we’re not alone in our journey. To know that there are others going through what we’re going through and that have made it. To understand that we’re important.

When you build your brand around you, you bring your humanity to your business. It doesn’t matter if what you do is something very “corporate” or you have a personal brand, it’s still important to bring you to the table. If you think I’m crazy and that it doesn’t apply to your business at all, take a look at brands like Apple or Virgin. They both are businesses that aren’t personal brands at all. But, the story of their creators are still a huge part of who they are.

This is the best way to build your brand. This is what I mean by building your brand from the inside out. You can find out exactly what you need to know about building that brand that makes a real impact and attracts – by bringing the best of you in my free 7-day email course. Sign up for it right here:

Beyond talking about specifics such as your positioning, your audience or even your logo; it’s about understanding what really makes you unique and human. What you’re truly passionate about and bringing it out. It’s about staying connected with who you are and what you want to say about you. When you build a business, you want to make sure you’re being as genuine as possible with what you say about you. Don’t say things or write copy because that’s how it’s supposed to be. Say it because it feels real and it’s what you truly want to say.
Once you have this clarity of who you are, and what you’re passionate about, don’t be afraid to step into the light. Bring your message and your business to others. For the longest time I was so afraid to step into my own light. I worked from home (still do) and didn’t interact with others at all. I was afraid to show who I was and what I was doing. I honestly didn’t even know that it was a possibility for me. To be real, to show up. Beyond that, I didn’t even think that anybody would care. What I have found though, is that people do care. The reason for this is that when you stay connected to who you are, people connect. People get you, they see themselves reflected in your own story and you become a light for others as well. Of course, this is sometimes easier said than done. We have so many limiting beliefs about ourselves, exposing who we are can feel scary. It sometimes means stepping way out of our comfort zone. However, I have learned that that comfort zone is there only to be pushed so that we stop playing small. And the world needs you to play big.

work from your heart

The world wants you to play big because, no matter what it is that you do, you have a ton to offer. You see, while your passions are important to you, what’s truly important is the impact that you’re making to others around you. When you work from a place of love and service, you start noticing that the things that you do have the capacity to transform other people’s lives. Recently I spoke about the big shift that transformed my business. This shift was that I stopped focusing on me and started focusing on others. Sounds simple enough, right? The thing is, when you shift that focus, your passions and your why suddenly have a bigger purpose than you would have ever imagined. And guess what happens when you start working from a place of service? When you start thinking about what your audience and clients truly need and how you are improving their lives — even if it’s in the simplest way? Money comes along. Business starts being more successful. People start seeing you more. Pretty amazing, right?

So, here’s the thing. Building a business that’s authentic and you’re passionate about takes one simple decision: to stop conforming. To stop settling for less than your dreams. Yes, these things can and will come true for you when you work for them. When you give them your all and are unapologetic about them coming true. When you build a brand around who you are and work from a place of love. The truth is that when you’re not being real, people can smell your bluff from a mile away. They will get turned off by you instantly and won’t even know why. The reason why is that they will feel when you’re not being honest about who you are and what you love. They will notice that you don’t really care.

Remember to sign up to my free 7-day email course, where you will learn all you have to about building a Brand that Attracts that’s authentic and real. Make sure to sign up for it right here!

Build a Brand that Attracts - A free email branding course | Fabi Paolini Branding + Design + entrepreneur

As I was saying before, realizing all of this has not only changed my business, but it has transformed my life. Now I work with even more passion, with even more honesty and I create things that are aligned with who I am as a person. I try to bring the best of me to everything I make, even this article you’re reading right now.

So, tell me: what are you passionate about? What does being authentic in your business mean to you? Share below!

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