5 mindset strategies that radically transformed my business. Click to read more!

5 mindset strategies that radically changed my business

I increased my income by 1000% in the last 6 months. I told you about how incredible this ride has been and how I got here recently. And while there have been quite a few things that I have had to do in order to get where I am today, I think, without a doubt, that a mindset shift has been the most important one of all.

5 mindset strategies that changed my business. How to go from lack to abundance. Free guide inside
6 months ago my mind was completely parked in scarcity-ville. I didn’t believe in myself, I felt lost and scared. I had to pretty much start my business from scratch because I had relocated and, up until then, my business wasn’t really online. I had to apply the strategies that I had done for my clients for over 10 years. I rebranded, redid my website, reformulated the way I communicated with others, and basically, I stepped out of my shell.

It all began with a simple decision: I didn’t want to live in fear anymore

I began researching as much as I could on the power of mindset. I studied Tony Robbins and Lisa Nichols. I joined a mindset coaching program led my Maru Iabichela and Jenn Scalia (incredible coaches). I read the book “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabbrielle Bernstein and it changed my life. I read countless amounts of books and then I read some more. I saw videos online and surrounded myself with people that helped to elevate me. I made a conscious decision to invest in ME, and it changed the game completely. Everything I learnt over the past few months boils down to these 5 strategies I share with you today. I can guarantee you that these shifts have the power to transform your life as well. I created a free worksheet that you can download here by clicking here:

I shifted my mentality from scarcity to abundance

It all began by making a decision of wanting to step out of this scarcity mentality. You see, everyday I struggled and was worried about whether I was going to be able to find clients that would bring me the money I needed. I would spend my days counting how much money had come in and what would happen if another client would come on. I would tell myself I needed “just” this amount or that amount to be at peace. And then I realized that that’s not how it works.
Do you know anyone who seems to have bad luck all the time? You know, those people that have the worst things happen to them constantly? That’s not a coincidence. When you are in this negative zone what you attract is negative as well. It works the same with money. When you’re obsessed with counting and keeping track of what you lack, it seems as if you’re holding on tightly to something that isn’t even there. Basically, what you’re attracting is lack as well.
So, I let go. I let go of my fears, of my anxiety and my hours counting. I decided to lift the weight off of my shoulders and started focusing on what I already had. Obviously, this is something that is a lot easier said than done. It takes daily work and reminders to keep my mindset on the right path. Any time my head goes into fear I say to myself:

You see, when you focus on scarcity and lack, you mind goes into such a place of anxiety, that it clouds your thoughts and creativity. These thoughts overrule your capacity to find solutions into your life. On the other hand, when you focus on abundance, you become resourceful. You suddenly remember a person you talked to years ago about working on a project on. You suddenly have more ideas and creativity simply flows.

I started being thankful for what I already had

Any book you read about mindset strategies will tell you that the first and most important way to make a shift in your life is to be thankful for what you already have.

the quickest way to change your life is by using gratitude. Oprah. Quotes + inspiration
This is the most important step to get out of scarcity mentality. So, I did just that. I started looking around me and thinking about the things that I was truly thankful for. And there was A LOT to be thankful for! I had spent my life living by my own terms. I had spent the last 10 years working on my own, having control of my own schedule, making my own decisions and living for me. My husband and I had (and still do) worked together on his music career and I had been a part of his success and his fame — I mean, how cool is that? I had accomplished my dream of having a family while having a career that allowed me the flexibility of enjoying it all.
I focused on the good things and the great things. And I did it from a perspective of what felt genuine. Yes, I was grateful I had a roof over my head, but I was also grateful that my husband had a special and sweet relationship with our daughter. To me, it was more about what felt very real in our day-to-day.
When you’re truly thankful for what you have, you let go of fears. You start seeing your life from a perspective of love.

I removed limiting beliefs

On of the things I learned on my mindset journey is that humans tell ourselves stories that probably aren’t’ true. What this means is, at some point of your life you learned that things had to be a certain way, and you spend the rest of your life feeding that belief and adding to it through false stories. I’ll give you a personal example.
I had this idea that being super successful meant that I would not have enough time to share with my family and that I would end up alone. You see, at some point in his career, my dad (who is the biggest role model for business in my life) decided that he wouldn’t ascend too much more in the company he worked it because it would mean that he would have to travel a lot and be away from his family. So, that’s what I told myself. Success then was something I associated (deep down, of course), with negativity. I thought that if I were too successful, that would make me a bad mom to my baby girl. I kept on telling myself these stories of how horrible too much success could be for me. Anytime I had too many people interested in hiring me as their branding specialist and designer, I would freak out. What would I do if I had too many clients coming in? How would I handle it all?
Of course, this wasn’t something that I was doing consciously. Once I started studying mindset strategies, I realized this was going on. So, I decided to reinvent my concept of success. I realized that success wasn’t this place of solitude, but rather, that the more success I had, the more I would be able to spend time with my family. You see, more success meant being able to hire a team of people to which I could delegate to and would allow me even more free time. Being successful would actually make me a great mom because of the example I was showing my daughter everyday. By getting up to work each day, I was teaching her to be responsible, to fight for her dreams and that she too can have it all.
By removing limiting beliefs, I changed the way I worked. I now, of course, don’t freak out if I have lots of clients coming in! I welcome them and get excited about what that means for my life. What you really want to ask yourself is:

What limiting beliefs are holding you back? What stories are you telling yourself that simply aren’t true?

It might be something deep or simple. You might have a belief that the only way to get more money or be successful in business is if you work A LOT. Or that “money doesn’t grow on trees” (which, by the way, technically it does) and it’s hard to get. What if that’s not true? What if you started believing that success came easy and that money flows in abundance to your business? How would your life be impacted by that simple mindset shift? You can find how to apply these strategies by clicking here to download the guide:

I stayed in creative action

The next mindset shift was deciding to stay in the present. I know this is one you will easily relate to. Okay, show of hands, how many of you spend hours worrying about the future, anxious about how certain things will work out or how you will “make it.” I’m guessing everyone, right? Okay, so what I did was realize that living in the future wasn’t helping me solve anything in my life. Worrying about things that haven’t even happened is basically a waste of time. They keep your mind in scarcity while feeding on your limiting beliefs. So, what I did was, I started focusing on staying in creative action. This meant that whenever I worried about the future or getting anxious I would tell myself:

And so that’s what I would focus all of my energy on. Instead of worrying about the future — that, not only hasn’t happened, but most likely WON’T happen how you’re imagining at all (think about how many of your horrible prophecies have ever come true in the past), I spend my time creatively coming up with things that I can do right now to give more value. How can I help my clients achieve more with their brands? What can I learn that will make me a better branding specialist? What can I write about on my blog to help my audience? What guide can I create the will help people one step closer to believing in themselves?
Just listing out those simple things make me feel a lot better. What can you do instead of worrying? What action, no matter how big or small it may be, can you act upon to make you shift from passive to active?

I became committed and certain of my goals

Finally (I could go on forever, but I don’t want to make this too long for you to read), I decided to commit 100% to my goals. This meant that I was going to believe not only in myself, but in my capacity to achieve them. I had undervalued myself for too long, not giving me a chance to be the best version of me. I was ready to completely let go of fear. I committed to my new reality by believing and knowing for certain that my goals were already real. I started writing in a journal everyday being clear of the reality I wanted to see in my life. I wrote specific details of how I wanted my days to play out and I wrote them as if they were already a reality. This trick is pretty powerful. It’s something that most coaches teach and it’s pretty non-negotiable. When you write your goals with detail in the present tense, you get into the right emotions and immediately feel amazing. This makes you be even more resourceful. Remember at the beginning of the article when I mentioned that this mindset shift would open your mind to new creative solutions. Well, reaffirming them each day in your journal will make your creativity explode. I also began meditating and connecting with the loving energy of the universe. All of this made me feel at peace and more connected to love.

5 mindset strategies that radically transformed my business. Click to read more!
I can honestly say that these mindset shifts have transformed my life. Beyond the 1000% income increase, it has made me a better person in every single way. I am more at peace and feel great most days. Of course, I’m human and have moments of doubt and see fear trying to creep in my life all the time. It’s funny, it almost seems like we enjoy living in fear. It’s comfortable and easy going down that hole, you have to make a conscious decision to get out of it. These mindset strategies have transformed my business as well. I’m better at talking with my clients and taking them through this path of positivity as well. And, even though I’m really a branding specialist and designer, I feel that having these skills are a great asset for my clients too. When I’m helping clients understand the value of their brand, I do so through the perspective of love, of abundance, of gratefulness and creative action. It makes me better at what I do.

Remember to download the worksheet that will help you apply these mindset strategies even better! You can download it by clicking the image below:

Which mindset strategies can you apply starting today? How can you stay in creative action and go from fear to love, from lack to abundance? Share below!

5 mindset strategies that changed my business. How to go from lack to abundance. Free guide inside

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