What to do when your marketing strategy isn't consistently attracting premium coaching clients in a consistent way Fabi Paolini Brand Strategist

What to do when your marketing strategy isn’t attracting coaching clients

What to do when your marketing strategy isn't consistently attracting premium coaching clients in a consistent way Fabi Paolini Brand Strategist

when your marketing strategy isn't converting

Let's face it - you know you are great at what you do and have created an offer that you KNOW will bring your clients pretty amazing results.

You've taken care of the details and you are SO excited about putting it out there.

You created the webinar, crafted the email, or shared your content on Instagram Stories or perhaps on TikTok...

...and one of 2 things happen...

👉 Either you BARELY get anyone to be interested enough to book a call with you to find out more

👉 OR you DO get people interested and booking calls...but VERY FEW people are buying

So, OBVIOUSLY - you start overthinking everything and wondering if maybe the price is too high, or there's something wrong with your mindset or maybe the offer is wrong...

You've put so much effort, time and money and aren't getting quite the exact results you were expecting...

Here's the thing - It's not you - it's your message.

Your message has to do 3 specific things:

#1 Get people to see what you do as COMPLETELY different from others out there (and yes - THERE IS A WAY to do this, even if you feel like your competition isn't different)

#2 Speak to the people who are READY-TO-INVEST right now vs. the ones so stuck in their problem, they will never buy

#3 Clearly explain how you will be able to help them so they understand the value behind hiring you

The reality is that it's likely that you DON'T need to change your audience or grow it or LOWER YOUR PRICE - what you DO need to do instead is make sure you're speaking to the people who are ready to buy right now.

Check out this training I created on the 3 secrets to attracting ready-to-invest premium coaching clients while making weekly high-ticket sales.

Just like my client Che who was struggling to sell a $3k package as a Breakthrough Coach who thought her clients didn't have the money to pay her.

But now, she's enrolling $10k clients on a consistent way.

Her audience COULD afford her - she just needed to speak more to the right people.

All it took was upgrading her message so she was clearer at communicating her value while attracting more ready-to-invest people.

Your message could very well be the thing holding you back from attracting the better quality, ready-to-invest leads.

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