How to attract high-end coaching clients into your online business while building a premium brand in two very simple steps

How to attract high-end coaching clients

How to attract high-end coaching clients into your online business while building a premium brand. Fabi Paolini Brand Strategy

attract high-end coaching clients

A lot of online coaches are focused on figuring out what it takes to be able to attract high-end coaching clients online. You've heard about people paying $3k, $5k, $10k, $20k, or more for coaching and you often wonder where these clients are hiding.

I remember back at the beginning of my own business, trying to figure out whatever it took to bring in the right people - meaning, those who could afford to work with me versus the ones that just wanted free information or were looking for a service at a much lower price than what I offered.

When clients come to work with me, they often worry because we don't know where we can find the types of people who will pay high-ticket for what we do. What they realize as we go through our process is that high-end clients aren't hiding in some secret Facebook group reserved only for millionaires. In fact, I'll tell you one thing - so far, none of my clients have been millionaires or have a trust fund - they are people who understand they have a problem and see that I can help them fix it. It's that simple.

People seem to believe that what they need is to market to the Kardashians or a very elite group of people that almost seem like unicorns and that is absolute B.S.

To me - attracting a high-end client means one simple thing: speaking to someone who values and takes action on looking to achieve the RESULT that you deliver.

Meaning - people who will pay or figure out what they need to do in order to pay to work with YOU because they ARE OVER trying to fix the problem on their own.

It’s not about how much money they have, but about how much they want what you have to offer.

Because when people want something and they see what you do as THE SOLUTION - they make it work, because they understand that it's more expensive to NOT have this problem solved.

attract high-end clients

So I'm going to break down for you what you need to know about attracting high-end clients into your coaching business.

I break down some of these aspects in much more detail and depth in my free masterclass which you can sign up for right over here. 


The most important thing for you to attract high-end clients is in the way that you are framing and talking about what you do. 

This begins with understanding what a “high-end problem is” because people will pay high prices is the problem they have is urgent enough or they have a deep desire to solve.

So if your message is directed at people who are just stuck and continue to stay stuck over time without really taking action to solve it, well it makes the problem not urgent enough.

You need to figure out what is at the core of their problem first so that you can craft a message around that.

Saying things like:

  • live your best life
  • grow your business
  • lose weight

Is too generic and could attract basically anyone. So what you want to do is go SPECIFIC with the problem they are experiencing. 

HOW is this problem affecting them in a very tangible way in their lives?

For example -

In my messaging I say things like: I help coaches position themselves as authority brands and create magnetic content that attracts 1-4 high-end leads per day 

So I’m immediately removing people that:

  1. Don’t sell or want to sell high ticket 
  2. Aren’t ready (because if working with me will bring them 1-4 leads, they wouldn’t be able to serve them if they aren’t ready)

Plus - by speaking this way, I’m making the investment a no-brainer because you are bringing in 1-4 leads per day - even if you aren’t good at sales (which I even teach in my program), you could still potentially bring in 1-4 new clients per month making you return the investment from working with me 

You want to make sure your message is clearly speaking to the right people and the needs that they have.

Here's another example that might make it clear to you. Miss Marvia is a client of mine who is a Behavioral Development Specialist for children in the autism spectrum - her message goes specific by telling her audience she will help "Close the gap and help your child thrive by age five." This allows her to give them an outcome her audience can instantly relate to - and wants.


The second thing that is fundamental for you to have if you want to succeed at attracting high-end coaching clients is a clear system that will actually bring you these clients.

Having people send referrals is a great way to attract clients, however, the main problem is that referrals often give you zero predictability - meaning, you don't know when the next great client is going to come. Therefore, it's important for you to build a strategy that will allow you to create consistency in your lead generation.

For this, there are essentially two things you can do:

  1. Micro-content: Live content such as videos, social media posts and email broadcasts that are sent out or created as a way to gain more visibility.
  2. Conversion Events: Automated sales funnels, email sequences and events that are more complex.

When you have a good mix of these 2 types of strategies, it will allow you to create a better plan for bringing in leads into your business.

What matters most during this process (whether we are talking about micro-content or conversion events) is that you create content strategically with the intention of converting people into high-end clients.

Taking into account what we talked about in the previous point - you want to make sure you have a clear and compelling message that makes it obvious to your ideal audience why you are the solution they are looking for. That's where framing what you do comes into play.

There's no point of wasting an endless amount of time creating content and building funnels if your message isn't really connecting to your audience and if you aren't framing what you to as exactly what it is that they need.

I believe this is one of the main reasons why coaches that are making less than $10k per month are struggling - something in their message is not connecting.

Once you had created this process of micro-content and conversion events effectively, there are essentially 6 places through which you should be able to generate leads:

  1. Website Content: Blogging and SEO
  2. Organic Content on Social Media: Sharing publications on your feed
  3. Building a Community: Facebook groups, Podcasts or email lists
  4. Leveraging other people's audiences: Doing interviews, getting featured in media
  5. Referrals
  6. Paid Advertising

Once you know which of these are the ones you will be focusing on, you can decide whether micro-content or conversion events will be at the core of these.

What matters most is taking into account the complete customer journey and thinking about what the next logical step will be for your clients so that you can actually drive audience growth into sales.

Magnetic customer journey to build success as an online coach | Fabi Paolini Brand Strategy Coach


Honestly, at the core, these are the two things it takes to attract high-end coaching clients: a REALLY powerful message and a marketing strategy that clearly drives people to become your clients.

But the thing is, most people fail at one or the other. They tend to overcomplicate things or do things BEFORE it is the right time. For example, I see a lot of coaching worrying about scaling their program by enrolling hundreds of people in when they haven't enrolled even the first 5 into the program in the first place.

You need to simplify your process and focus on great messaging that will allow you to reach the right people. High-end coaching clients aren't hiding, they are just waiting to hear or read the correct message that will speak to the specific problems they might be facing.

It really comes down to simplification.

What are you doing to attract high-end leads?

Watch the Masterclass below where I walk you through this process in much more detail.

Check out the infographic below on the 6 places to grow your audience online:

how to grow your audience online as a coach | Fabi Paolini Brand Strategy Marketing

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