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4 ways to attract higher quality clients into your business

One of the most common questions or concerns I hear entrepreneurs and business owners asking all the time is "how do I get higher quality clients?" At the end of the day, most service providers out there want to work with clients that are high-end, people that are willing to spend top dollar to hire you for your services, am I right?

I remember those days at the beginning when I was struggling to find high quality clients myself. I would bend over backwards to get people in the door, removing almost all boundaries and allowing my clients to dictate my life. That's until I made a decision that I wasn't going to let that happen anymore.

So, I'm going to let you in on 4 ways in which you can attract high quality clients for your own business. But first, make sure you download this guide showing you how to grow your audience and find ideal clients.

4 powerful ways to grow your email list and find ideal clients. Entrepreneur online business. Fabi Paolini. Brand strategy and marketing. Sales funnels and email lists.

position yourself as an expert

In business and branding, it always comes down to positioning. Essentially, it's about how you want to be perceived as a business owner. You want to do your best to move away from being seen as a service provides and into becoming an expert in your field.

Now, I'm going to let you in on a secret: this has nothing to do with how many credentials you have or if you have a PhD in your field - and more to do with communication.

For example, if you are a fitness expert, you don't want to communicate that you are a weight loss coach. While weight loss might very well be exactly what you do, there are a million and one people out there saying that they are weight loss coaches charging anywhere from $5 an hour to $10,000 for 30 days (or more). Think to yourself:

Beyond weight loss, what is the actual thing I am doing?

What is the real, bottom line benefit that you are helping achieve? For example, with my client Christine, who, by every right is a weight loss and fitness coach, we built her communication on what she helps her clients actually do.

What you want to think about is the value of what you are helping your clients achieve. In other words, in this example, what is it worth to them to lose weight? For Christine it was about uncovering their inner strength and helping them transform their confidence in the process.

All of this starts with you intrinsically understanding your value and worth. What are your clients getting from you at the end of the day?

You want to move away from a communication style that is about the basic, functional benefits that you are helping others achieve and into the emotional and life changing benefits that come as a result of your work. I actually talk about the different types of benefits your business offers right here.  

You also want to think about how much more these people will get as a result from working with you. In my case, once I started seeing that my clients were making $25,000 a month or more as a direct result of messaging, marketing strategy and branding I had built for them, it became a no-brainer decision for me to increase my prices, as I knew that they would make back their investment incredibly fast. So, of course, I increased my prices. I talk a bit more about charging what you are worth right here as well. 

build a high-quality brand

So this might seem obvious, but sometimes people forget - but in order to attract high quality, high-end clients, your brand has to look and feel high quality too. Listen, this is a concept that should be extremely easy for you to understand - we are very visual beings and if something doesn't look high-end then a red flag immediately comes up because something feels off.

If you are trying to charge $10k for your services for example, and your website looks too DIY, it tells me that you don't have enough clients to be able to afford to upgrade your brand, and if you don't have many clients, it might mean you aren't as good as you say you are.

Your brand should be there to help you increase your credibility, to make you look professional and to build trust. At the end of the day, trust = sales. You want people to trust that if you are positioning yourself as an expert, it means that you can help them achieve what they want. However, if your brand looks very cheap, that trust easily goes away.

Look at the impact that a high quality brand can have on your own perception of quality. My other client Christine is a clear example of this. She's an extremely powerful financial coach with all the credentials in the world, and yet her brand used to look extremely low end. This made her attract low quality clients that wanted her work for the lowest possible prices. When we worked together, we completely transformed her brand looked and felt. We also updated her communication to position herself as that expert. This completely changed the quality of clients she was bringing in and now she's seen as an authority in her field.

be so good you can´t be ignored

In all honesty, this is one of the most important ways for you to be able to attract high quality clients. This is a mantra that I live by every single day:

This mantra applies to absolutely everything that you do, from the work you create to the value you give in free content. I truly believe that when you are creating highly valuable content and experiences for your audience and your clients, people can see how good you are from a mile away - and that is something we all want to be a part of.

I look at this in 2 different ways, how I serve my clients and how I serve my audience in general.

For my clients, I make sure that the whole experience of working with me is extremely high quality. I give the access to unique trainings and a client portal that has everything that they need. I give them the best trainings, insights and everything I believe they will need in order to succeed.

I go above and beyond to give my clients more than they even thought possible, from messaging, to copywriting, to design, to marketing, to funnels, to web development, to social media templates, to mindset. I underpromise and overdeliver. I do this as a way to make sure that when they finish working with me, they are raving about me (which is why I have so many testimonials), but, most of all, I do it because it's GENUINELY important for me that they are successful. When I work with my clients, I believe in them, I'm part of their team and I'm rooting for them.

For my audience, I make an effort to create powerful content that's not just full of fluff. I create guides, pdfs and all sorts of different types of content that will allow them to see that I'm great at what I do, but also, that will allow them to actually get results. For example, this guide I created for helping you find ideal clients, is really good. Like, out of this world good.

4 powerful ways to grow your email list and find ideal clients. Entrepreneur online business. Fabi Paolini. Brand strategy and marketing. Sales funnels and email lists.

I also make sure that I create content that is engaging and that positions me as an expert while making my brand look amazing. One of my favorite pieces of content that is so good, it brings me high quality clients, literally every single day, is my masterclass in which I teach How to Position Your Brand as the Go-to Authority while Creating Massive Breakthroughs for your Business Online.

So, create content that makes it impossible for people to look away give value that leaves people taking about you for day.s

believe you are worth it

I believe that probably the most important way to attract high quality clients is that you start to believe and understand that you are worth it. Listen, at the end of the day, it all comes down to confidence and your belief in yourself.

If you don't believe you are worthy of charging premium prices, or  having clients that respect and value everything that you do, you can bet that you won't be able to convince anyone else to do it either. Nobody is going to believe in you more than you, so if you want to attract high quality clients, you have to treat yourself with high quality as well.

You have to know that what you are doing is valuable and important - and that comes from understanding what makes you different and powerful as well as knowing what it's worth for others. Yes, believe it or not, attracting high quality clients comes down to mindset, and, of course, growing your audience to bring in the right people, you can do that by following the steps in here:

4 powerful ways to grow your email list and find ideal clients. Entrepreneur online business. Fabi Paolini. Brand strategy and marketing. Sales funnels and email lists.

Once you get a handle on all of these fundamental things, you want to make sure you are building a powerful funnel that consistently brings people into your business. You can read more about that right here.

That's it - following these steps are the key to being able to attract the high quality, high end clients every single business owner wants to have.


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