How to charge what you're really worth. What you need to know to raise your prices to reflect your value. Read on!

How to charge what you are really worth

charging what you´re worth?

Charging what you’re really worth sometimes may seem like an impossible dream. I say, do everything you can to make sure you’re worth more and seen as invaluable. Here’s how I did it.

How to charge what you're really worth. What you need to know to raise your prices to reflect your value. Read on!
I used to really undercharge for my services. Of course, I didn’t want to, but I felt almost embarrassed to charge more for my work. The reality is that I didn’t value my work or understand deep down how important it was. Of course, that eventually changed. I came to understand that I was worth more. That my experiences, my skills, my heart, education and knowledge weren’t cheap. Because the work that I do isn’t cheap either. So, how do you charge what you’re worth? How do you charge what you want, even if it’s “expensive”? Here’s what you need to know.

Also, I created this checklist of the things you need to do in order to charge premium pricing! Make sure to download it here:
How to charge premium pricing for your brand or business. Includes a free checklist so you can start acting now! The 5 steps you need to follow if you want to charge more for your business. Fabi Paolini Branding + Design

focus on doing what you do best

The first, and most important thing is focusing on doing what you love and do best. In order to be able to charge more for your work, you have to be completely confident that, with that work, you can truly bring a transformation for others.
For example, I used to offer a variety of services in addition to branding in my business. I would do albums, flyers, brochures, and all sorts of print material. The truth is, I didn’t like it at all. I did it because I thought that if I offered more things, people would see me somehow like more professional. Thinking about it now makes me realize that it didn’t make any sense at all.
Eventually, I realized that what I was best at, was branding and designing logos and websites. So, everything else, I eliminated. You see, I’m really great at helping people organize their brands, discover their audience, position themselves, and, of course, designing their logos and websites. That’s where I’m really passionate and comfortable.
So, when looking and what you offer, are there things that you’re doing just for the sake of it?
Stop doing them. Just focus on what you do best. It makes no sense adding and adding and adding more services to your business. It’s better to be known as great at doing one thing, than to be known as mediocre at a lot of others. Get my point? You want to bring together your skills, passions and expertise and offer that instead. When you do this, you have the upper hand and are at the capacity to charge more for your services.
How to determine what to offer and charging more for it. Fabi Paolini

know your audience + create solutions

The next part is really putting a lot of your energy in understanding who you audience is.
Here’s the thing with getting to know your audience: the more you know them, the more you can offer them solutions that solve their problems. You see, everything comes down to problems and solutions. Your audience has problems that might be big and complicated or simple and small. Whatever it is, your job is to figure out those problems and create solutions tailored specifically for them. The more you understand your audience, the better you will get at communicating and creating for them. That means that when you go out and market your business, you are able to speak in the “same language” as they are, which inevitably builds trust.
And you want trust. That’s all you want actually. The more people trust you, the more you build your credibility and the more you stand out as the best option for them.
What this means is, you can go on to charge more because you know, and they know, that you are actually worth it. So getting to know that audience is one of the most important keys in building your business and marketing it to show your value.

do what it takes to be worth more

Back to my story, I was telling you that I used to charge a ton less for my work. However, when I moved to the US from Venezuela, I needed to start making more money. Paying bills and the cost of living was a lot more in my new city, so I had to figure out a way to make it work. So, I rolled up my sleeves and learned every possible thing in order to make sure that my business would be worth more. I didn’t want to be running around trying to find 10 clients a month, I want to focus on finding just one. That meant that I needed to start charging 10 times more than I was charging before. Pretty crazy, right?
I knew I was good at what I did. I knew I had a talent. But, I needed to learn more in order to give my clients more. So I started learning. I started learning a lot. I did over 15 online courses and 3 coaching programs. All in under 6 months. I implemented it all and started delivering pretty incredible things to my clients, so their own transformations were even more incredible.
I took what I already knew and made it better by adding more. I did whatever it took to actually be worth more. Actually, I still do that every single day in my business. I never stop learning and growing, and neither should you.

What can you do to be worth more? What do you need to learn? How do you need to present yourself? All of these things really matter and will make a huge difference. Everything you learn will add on to your business. I say, go, hire the coach, hire the expert, hire the people that know how to do it and see your business take a giant leap forward.
Because when you play big, you win big. Like, real big.

give a ton of value

Once you have done what it takes to be worth more, the next thing is actually giving as much value as you possibly can. That means showing people what you’re capable of doing. One of the big ways to do that is making sure you are giving value in every aspect of your business. From marketing, to sales, to client relations, to what you’re giving your clients. I always think that under promising and over delivering is one the best keys to keeping people happy. I honestly do all that I can to go above and beyond and make sure that my clients are super happy with what they receive. The whole process of getting in contact with my brand is filled with value and good surprises. I don’t believe in being aggressive in the way you sell. I would rather show you what I do and what I know, teach you why branding will transform your business and letting you make your decision on your own – because it simply makes sense for you. Not because I’m pushing it.
Then, when I start working with my clients, I make sure to have a clear process and open communication so that they feel heard and cared for. My clients aren’t just numbers to me. They are people whose lives I’m transforming. People that I get to help in fulfilling their dreams and ideas. Finally, once I deliver the service and give them the tools moving forward with their brands, I always send some sort of small detail or gift that I know will make them smile. These things always help in creating value. In making people feel special.

Now I ask you, what can you do in your business to create more value? What content can you give away for free so that others get to know you better? What can you do to help your audience feel more special? Sometimes it’s in the smallest details. It can be as simple as a thank you email or a little handwritten note. Whatever it is, go for it. I promise these things add up they end up being a big part of why you can end up charging more for your services.

great branding

Of course, it all comes together when your branding is on top. If your brand looks great and has incredible positioning, you can absolutely charge more for your services. Imagine paying a lot of money to a brand whose website is pretty crappy or their logo is done buy what looks like a 10 year old. It immediately brings down the credibility of your business. When your brand looks great, it helps in differentiating your business and — you guessed it, building more trust. And, as it was clearly said before, we want trust in our lives!
And it’s not only about how your brand looks like on the outside, it’s also about making sure you’re building your brand on the inside too. This means Determining your positioning and knowing how you will be “packaging” your business. It means finding your Unique Selling Proposition and making sure you are leveraging it and using it to your advantage in order to move forward. It also means understanding your mission and purpose.

Make sure you remember to download the free premium pricing checklist with all the steps and strategies you need to follow in order to charge what you are worth!
How to charge premium pricing for your brand or business. Includes a free checklist so you can start acting now! The 5 steps you need to follow if you want to charge more for your business. Fabi Paolini Branding + Design

How to charge more and what you are truly worth. Click to read the whole explanation + download a free guide!

Charging more and what you’re worth, to me, ultimately comes down to the value you’re offering and really getting clear about why you’re the best possible person to offer solutions for your audience. When you honestly become the best choice, what you charge really won’t matter! It’s all about building the trust and credibility to keep you moving forward.

Let me ask you, do you feel like you’re charging what you’re worth? Which of these tips will you apply to charge more?

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