What you need to know about choosing your audience and niche as an online coach. Fabi Paolini Brand Strategy Online Business

Choosing your niche as an online coach

What you need to know about choosing your audience and niche as an online coach. Fabi Paolini Brand Strategy Online Business

what to know about choosing your niche as an online coach

One of the most common questions coaches and consultants ask when they are in the process of starting their business is: How do I pick my niche? How do I choose my audience?

It's something that I hear my clients ask all the time when we start working together - and I want to break down the truth about what you need to know before making this decision.

But first let's begin by answering What is a niche? Because I want to make sure you are completely clear before I go on.

Essentially, a niche is a segment of the market that you are going to be selling to. It is smaller (than just saying 'anyone'), it's specific and - ideally, it's a group of people or audience you understand.

That being said - let's break down what you need to know before choosing your own niche or audience.

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Recently someone asked me what to do in order to pick the right audience for their business, and honestly, this is the wrong question to ask

You see, your audience isn’t some random thing you just get to choose because “why not. Oh- let me just pick someone rich and work with them - can’t go wrong there, right?" Wrong.

The real question is: who are you confident you can help?

You want to define your audience by looking at your own skills and what you already know and then determine who is the person whom you believe will get better results with what you do.

Within your audience will be a very specific sub-set of people with particular problems who you can help. And that's exactly where you begin.

  • For people that are more on the beginner side of their coaching business, it means it’s likely someone similar to who you were when you had that same problem 
  • As you move along and take on more coaching clients, you will start to know your audience even better and understand their specific problems as well

Whichever the case, the choice of your audience or niche HAS to begin with you - not some random gap in the market, but from what you believe you can do for others because you are confident your process will help them.

(By the way, this also helps with imposter syndrome too - you target to people who you know you can help)


Once you have defined who your niche will be, what you want to do is create a signature process/framework that is unique to you and that will, in a simple way, solve your ideal audience's problems.

Again - for this, you need to understand their problems so that you can create the ideal path to their solution.

Often times people choose audience because they believe it’s convenient - but then they struggle to connect with these people in the content (Or worse yet, they don’t even know what content to create at all).

I go deeper into explaining how to create a high-ticket offer right over here.

Essentially, you want to take your niche or target audience from where they are right now, to where they want to be.

What you want to do is understand how to position your offer as the EXACT solution that your audience needs speaking specifically to their problem and showing them how you can help them solve it.

This is what makes the difference between you creating and selling a high-ticket program vs. you attracting people that can’t afford to work with you.

Essentially you want them to see your unique solution as their vehicle to success. Meaning - if you can make them believe that THE way out of their problem is through following this unique process - and you happen to be the one that created and is selling that process - then this immediately will help you sell and attract the right people.

You want your audience to see you as an expert or authority and not just another service provider.

I talk about this further in my free masterclass right over here.


Finally, you want to make sure that when you have decided to target a particular audience or niche, the language that you use is empowering and strong - therefore attracting the people who are more likely to take action.

Otherwise, you will see yourself speaking to and attracting a lot of people that simply won't be able to afford working with you.

Messaging is KEY in this process - you want to ensure that you are talking to those who are ready to move forward. Often times, people stay talking to those who are so deep into their problem, they will never see you - or anyone else for that matter - as the solution.

This distinction is FUNDAMENTAL if you want to work with an audience that is more premium: as in - resourceful, action-taker, responsible for their own success, and willing to pay more.

These are some of the keys you need to take into account when defining your niche or audience as they will be crucial in the success of your online coaching business.

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