Lessons to grow your online coaching business from Fabi Paolini Brand Strategy Coach

Growing your coaching business

Lessons to grow your online coaching business from Fabi Paolini Brand Strategy Coach

what it takes to grow your online coaching business

There's nothing more annoying than feeling stuck in your business. Like, no matter what you do, you are approximately within the same income bracket.

I totally understand it because, for a while, this was me. I launched my business in 2016 and slowly grew, only to find myself 'stuck' at $35-$45k per month. And yes I know that ‘stuck’ at this level feels like you want to roll your eyes at me - but feeling stuck can feel annoying no matter where you are. 

Well I was stuck, so I decided to do things differently and the results I got were MASSIVE. Honestly massive. We were able to jump from $35k to $90k in sales in one month and seen a constant growth in our business as well, learn about why getting a virtual reception for your business is a great idea. 

We’re talking to a lot of people who are absolutely amazing and who understand the value of the work that we do- and it feels like we are building an incredibly powerful community of people who want to make an impact, who want to do positive things.

And at the same time, what’s incredible is this momentum is also being reflected inside my business in the sense that I see my clients getting even better results

  • Replacing salary
  • Signing 3 clients in 1 week and having to open a waitlist
  • Making $10k in the month
  • Signing their first $4k client
  • Attracting leads that get better and better each day

So let's break dow the three top lessons you need to know about growing your own coaching business.

I break down a lot of the strategies and details in this masterclass below - make sure you sign up right here:


Let me ask you something - do YOU have a coach?

So this first lesson is about the importance of HIRING HELP. Of hiring someone to help you from the outside, when hiring someone for your business, we recommend the to use a service which offers a reverse number lookup feature to run a background check in your future employees.

And I know this sounds silly or obvious - but listen I was one of those people who kept on saying “I can do this on my own. I’m techy. I can do it - I can hack someone else’s funnel and figure it out myself."

Honestly, what I've come to find is that this was a big part of the reason why I wasn’t moving forward.

Because when you are hacking something or trying to figure it out on your own, you are often leaving out the SMALL DETAILS that will make the MASSIVE difference.

The truth is that having someone from the outside look in was honestly massive for me. Having the support of someone telling me the things I needed.

Because let’s be honest - If I KNEW what I needed to tweak to move forward, I would have done it 2 years ago

It wasn’t some simple thing like - OH all I needed was to send THIS ONE EMAIL.

Right? There are deeper tactics and issues that I wasn’t seeing because I was being stubborn.

SO I thought I could just figure things out by doing it on my own and piece it together without hiring anyone.

This until I finally realized that I needed to do something different and I hired actually 2 different coaches - invested 5 figures in my business to look at what I needed to tweak.

And making this investment did a few important things

It helped me surround myself with people who wanted to do the same thing I was doing and who were doing much more than I was 

So this helped elevate my game - it becomes like a “ I NEED TO STEP IT UP” and if they’re doing this - I can do the same" which means I was being pushed. 

The other thing is that they were able to spot the blindspots and opportunities that I clearly wasn’t seeing for myself.

When you try to fix your own blindspots, the way you look at your business is limited by your perceptions.

You can’t see the color of your own eyes. The way your brain thinks or sees things, won’t allow you to see your problem. If you would have known how to fix it, you would have fixed it already. Period.

And listen , I could have probably sat down for the next 2 years and eventually maybe figured it out - but it would have cost me more time, way MORE money than investing right now, and opportunity - how much more money can I make now because I was able to figure it out.

I didn’t want to wait it out

I hired mentors that have done it and seen the problems already 

This allowed me to fill those blind posts by other people that had been there

The thing is, sometimes we have ideas of what needs to be done and they might not be the right ones. You need someone to look in and tell you those things

If you haven’t hired a coach - it’s time to focus on that.


The third lessons is simple, yet it’s probably the most important one of all.

It’s about SHOWING UP FOR YOUR AUDIENCE. You want people to show up for you? You want your audience to buy? You need to show up for them. You need to be there delivering value and creating content that's binge-worthy and people want to watch. 

You want to make your emails be something people want to open up and your videos something they are looking for while creating anticipation around you and your content.

But for this to work, you have to believe in yourself first. You have to feel magnetic and to become the soulmate coach.

For this, you have to make sure you are working on your mindset every single day. Strengthening yourself, not being so hard on yourself and not trying to be perfect all the time.


At the end of the day, if you want to grow and get a different result, you need to make sure you are putting in the effort and you are implementing.

You can't expect a different result with the same message, same strategy and same mindset.

You need to take different action if you want to get a bigger result- which often means taking risks in your business too. You have to be willing to do the work, show up and do what it takes to connect with your audience.

At the end of the day, this will be the key to connecting with what they want and getting the growth you are looking for.

I go into the details of this in this free masterclass below:

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