How to position an intangible outcome without confusing your audience coaching

How to position an intangible outcome without confusing your audience

Selling intangible outcomes as an online coach brand message messaging strategy fabi paolini

The Art of Selling Intangible Outcomes in Coaching

In a world where tangible, measurable results often dominate the narrative, selling intangible outcomes poses a unique challenge for coaches. The essence of transformative coaching, spiritual guidance, or mindset shifts can be difficult to quantify, yet these are the cornerstones of profound personal growth. How, then, can you communicate the value of your intangible services without falling into the trap of over-promising or sounding like everyone else?

The Pitfall of Conforming to ‘Bro Marketing’

The coaching industry is rife with promises of specific financial milestones: the allure of the ten-k-month, six-figure years, and similar metrics. While appealing, this approach not only dilutes the uniqueness of your service but also misaligns with the core of what many coaches offer. This discrepancy between what is marketed and the coach’s true expertise can lead to a misalignment that neither serves the coach nor the client effectively.

Understanding and Communicating Your True Value

The key to positioning an intangible outcome lies in a deep understanding of the problem you solve from your audience’s perspective and articulating how your service provides a solution. This requires moving beyond generic promises to a more nuanced explanation of the transformation your clients can expect. Here’s how:

1. Clarify the Real Problem:

Start by identifying the core issue your clients face. Understand that while you might see their problem through a spiritual or transformative lens, they might perceive it in more practical terms. Bridging this gap in perception is crucial.

2. Speak Their Language:

Translate the benefits of your intangible service into terms that resonate with your target audience. Avoid jargon or overly fluffy language that obscures the real value you provide. Instead, focus on how their lives will improve in tangible ways as a result of the internal changes you facilitate.

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3. Showcase Your Unique Angle:

Your “Angle of Mastery” — the unique approach or perspective that sets you apart — should be at the heart of your messaging. This doesn’t mean you need to promise specific financial gains if that’s not your focus. Instead, illustrate how your methodology leads to profound, life-enhancing changes.

4. Authenticity Over Conformity:

Resist the pressure to fit into a predefined mold that promises specific financial outcomes if that doesn’t align with your true expertise. Embrace the unique transformation you offer and communicate it clearly and confidently.

5. Simplify Without Diluting:

You can make intangible outcomes more relatable by connecting them to everyday challenges and aspirations your clients have. Explain how aligning with their true selves, overcoming limiting beliefs, or enhancing their mindset will positively impact areas of their lives they care about.

Bringing it all together

Selling intangible outcomes in coaching doesn’t have to be a hurdle. By understanding your audience, speaking their language, and confidently presenting your unique approach, you can make a compelling case for the transformative power of your services. Remember, the goal is to foster genuine connections and transformations, not to fit into a box that doesn’t align with your mission.

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