How to overcome objections through your content as an online coach | Fabi Paolini Brand Stategy

How to Overcome Sales Objections Through Your Content

How to overcome objections through your content as an online coach | Fabi Paolini Brand Stategy

You’re all fired up, ready to share your wisdom as a coach, consultant, or expert. You’ve poured your heart and soul into your content, only to hit the same old wall – objections. “It’s too pricey,” “I gotta think it over,” “Need to chat with my better half.” Ring a bell? If you’re like me, you’ve been through this loop more times than you care to count. But what if I told you there’s a way to smash through this cycle?

Let me walk you through the game-changing approach I discovered for making those objections practically vanish with just your content.

First things first, let’s get one thing straight – to dodge objections, you gotta stop catering to the naysayers from the get-go. Sounds straightforward, right? But there’s a deep well of insight behind this. It dawned on me one day, why am I even bothering with content that’s a magnet for objections? It was a lightbulb moment! I realized the power of speaking directly to those already beyond their objections.

Unearthing Your Gold Mine – The Ideal Audience

Diving deeper, it all comes down to knowing your audience. And I’m not just talking about any audience. I’m talking about separating the ‘Thinkers’ from the ‘Doers.’

  • Thinkers are the type of people who will think about the problem. Ruminate about it. They research, and gather information ..but don’t really do much with it (either because they legitimately can’t financially or because it’s not a priority right now).
  • Doers are the type of people who will have a problem and will DO something about it. They will take action and move towards solving it. (Because financially they can or it’s their priority right now)

So what you want to do is come up with ways in which to communicate to DOERS and repel THINKERS from your audience. Part of this comes down to asking yourself, and understanding what are the objections that DOERS have? And speaking to those in your content.

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The Root Cause Revelation

Here’s where it gets juicy. It’s not just about addressing the pain points on the surface. No, no. It’s about drilling down to the very core – the root cause of your audience’s struggle. And when you nail that, and I mean really nail it, you start talking their language.

For instance, I was working with a health coach focused on women in perimenopause. Together, we uncovered that her ideal clients weren’t just any women struggling with perimenopause symptoms. They were high-achieving, uber-busy execs grappling with these changes amidst a whirlwind of board meetings and power lunches. So, we tailored her message to address the ‘PeriPower Pivot’ – a unique take on how perimenopause uniquely impacts powerhouse women. It was a game-changer.

Because now the problem isn’t just a problem…it’s tailored to the DOERS within her audience.

Demand Creation – Your Secret Weapon

This brings me to my next point – creating a hunger for what you offer. How? By showcasing your unique solution as the beacon of hope they’ve been searching for. Your Angle of Mastery isn’t just another sales pitch. It’s your war cry, your banner flying high, proclaiming, “I’ve got what you need, and here’s why.”

And when you tie this back to their identity, to the very essence of their being, you’re no longer just another coach or consultant. You become the key to their transformation.

What you want to do is truly ask yourself…”How do doers view the problem? What have doers done to solve the problem in the past?”

And speak to those mistakes and problems through your content.

The journey from being bogged down by objections to where I am now, where objections are as rare as a blue moon, has been nothing short of revolutionary. By focusing my content on attracting doers, diving deep into the root causes of their challenges, and presenting my services as the tailor-made solution they’ve been searching for, I’ve turned potential objections into opportunities.

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