Build Breakthroughs in your business by using the brand strategy pyramid | Fabi Paolini | Brand strategy and design

The secret to creating massive breakthroughs for your business

Build Breakthroughs in your business by using the brand strategy pyramid | Fabi Paolini | Brand strategy and design

No matter how long you have been an entrepreneur for, the ultimate goal is to have a business that has one breakthrough after another. You know what I mean, right? Growth, expansion and ease.

For such a long time I spent my days hustling like a mad-woman in my business. Working infinite hours and getting 'stuff done,' while at the same time, not really seeing the needle turning. I felt so exhausted at the end of the day, not understanding why my efforts weren't reflected in my bank account every single day.

That's when I realized, it's not about quantity, it's about quality. It's about truly making sure that the work that you are doing serves a real purpose and that there is a short, mid and long-term strategy to growth and success.

Today, I am on my way to building a 7 figure business within the next year, and I work less hours that ever before. I get to spend the afternoons hanging out with my family and having a life beyond my career - and hey, don't get me wrong, I love my career. But, at the end of the day, the whole purpose of becoming an entrepreneur and having my own business is to have more freedom, am I right?

So I'm going to teach you the specific strategy and secret weapon I have used to build massive breakthroughs in my own business.

You can also download this pretty incredible free workbook that I created that walks you through the whole process. You're welcome 🙂

the secret to breakthrough in your business

Being an entrepreneur can be challenging. We have to face a lot of obstacles in order to move ahead. But the truth is that is shouldn't feel like an uphill battle. I mean, as a business owner, you should act more like a C.E.O. than like an employee that's going crazy trying to figure out how to get seen or how to get more clients. You should be focused on growth and staying in your zone of genius.

But let's face it, the majority of entrepreneurs are struggling and the reason for it is quite simple: they tend to be all about the money and forget an essential thing that can change it all.

You see, what people usually do is run straight into marketing strategy when they are looking for ways to expand their business. In theory, that makes sense, right? I mean, the logical part of your brain might think that marketing is the answer to your problems. The more people that see you, the more likely you will be to get clients.  But the truth is that that's not how it really works - and here's where the secret weapon comes in.

You need to start looking at your business and brand as a whole, not as separate parts that have nothing to do with each other, but as a system where every single link is as important as the last. I call this secret weapon the Brand Strategy Pyramid™.

The Brand Strategy Pyramid™

The Brand Strategy Pyramid™ is essentially a formula that's crucial for you to follow - in order - for you to build that massive success and breakthroughs you are looking for in your business. Each part of the pyramid is connected and is as important as the last - but the strength of the pyramid lies within the step below. So let's dig deeper into what they are. 

the brand foundation

When we look at the success and strength of any business, it all boils down to one simple thing: your capacity to differentiate yourself from others. That's what, at the end of the day, branding is all about. Making sure that you are capable of telling people "I'm different, I'm great at what I do, and here's why." Uncovering this comes from gaining clarity around the Foundation of your Brand.

Having a powerful core message and understanding in the truest essence what it is that makes your business different from everyone else's and why it's you that your ideal clients have to hire.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what field your in, we live in a highly competitive world. This means that everyday some guru tends to pop up out of nowhere, and while you might have taken years preparing yourself in what you do, some "expert" that spent an couple of hours on YouTube can come in and easily steal your thunder. What this means to you is that you have to find a way to cut through the noise and not become just another Facebook feed distraction.

The Brand Foundation is precisely about understanding and gaining clarity around what your unique selling proposition is, what your business is all about and the real 'why' behind what you do.

What tends to happen a lot is that people come to me without clarity around what it is that makes them truly different. I mean, in all honesty, nothing is completely created from scratch, right? So sometimes it's difficult for people to be able to pinpoint and understand what it is that they could be doing that would make their audience see them as unique - and it usually takes me a quick conversation to notice that they are totally wrong because - without trying to sound cheesy here - every single brand and business is absolutely unique.

But the real reason why getting that foundation of your brand extremely clear is simple: if YOU can't understand why you are incredible and unique, how the heck are you going to convince an audience (specially if that audience is cold), that you can help them out?

Building trust in your audience starts with you building that trust in yourself. And having that trust comes from knowing down to the last detail what it is that makes you unequivocally the best at what you do. The stronger you build your brand, and the clearer you are at differentiating yourself, the more solid your marketing strategy is going to be moving forward.

And then on the flip side of your foundation is, how do you communicate that value? Because let's say that you are completely clear at understanding what makes you unique, but you are having a really hard time at getting your audience to understand what that is. Big mistake as well.

Listen, you can have the most ingenious marketing strategy in the world, but if you aren't capable of communicating your value, I'm sorry, but nobody is going to buy. However, if you can understand what it is that makes you different and you can be a ninja at communicating it - Jackpot!

One really great example of this is one of my clients Kayla Bree from Rewired Society. Kayla is a mindset coach which means that she is in a field that is highly competitive (more and more each day). So we needed to makes sure that her brand and communication were completely and absolutely unique and different from anything else out there. We worked together in making sure that her messaging was on point and actually making her brand look absolutely different from any other mindset coach out there.

About 2 months after launching her brand, she actually sent me an email asking me to shut her website off because she had so many clients coming in, she needed time to figure things out! Talk about having massive breakthroughs in your business, right? A pretty great problem to have, if you ask me. Mind you, Kayla Bree was completely new, had no list or database whatsoever and was trying to find space in an already crowded market. Why so successful? Because we made sure she was building a rock-solid foundation for her business.

By the way, you can learn more about building a solid foundation for yours in the Breakthrough Brand Blueprint. You can download that right here.

signature offer

Moving up the pyramid the next element that is fundamental to have in place in order to create breakthroughs in your business is your Signature Offer. And here's the thing, the only way to build a highly successful offer is by understanding exactly what it is that your ideal audience wants.

It's essential that you research and do the work that is necessary for you to understand where your audience is and where they want to be. Your job is to bridge that gap through your Signatura Offer.

You want to ensure that you are creating an offer that is focused on delivering a solution to the problems that your audience has. It's not really just about creating something that sounds good to you, but about truly understanding what it is that they might want and they might benefit from. Makes sense?

So, I want you to ask yourself, what is the ACTUAL solution that you are helping your clients achieve? What is it that they really want at the core?

Having the capacity to truly answer those questions is going to be the difference between having a successful business or not. And here's the great part about how this system works, that solution you are giving you clients, is completely dependent on the unique things and experiences that you can bring to the table which come from the Brand Foundation.

Where I see a lot of people making a huge mistake is that they make up some random client avatar and call it a day. And while I'm sure that the single, stay at home mom that happens to have $20k just lying around in theory sounds great, you have to wonder, is she real?

So you need to be able to truly define your audience and understand what their needs are in order for you to create an offer that makes sense to that specific person. Because, at the end of the day, selling is emotional. And you need to get into those powerful emotions. If you are getting a lot of people telling you things like "I can't afford it," or "Let me think about it," or perhaps (my favorite) "Let me manifest the money," it's probably a sign that you aren't doing a very good job at understanding and communicating with your audience or giving them what they truly need in your offer.

Case in point? My client Sandra. This woman is a total powerhouse, she's like the female Brendon Burchard. She had all of these amazing certifications, was a retired marine and had spent -  literally - thousands of dollars in her business between courses, programs, and other coaches. And yet...she wasn't making any sales.

As you can imagine, she was extremely frustrated when she came to me. The first thing that I noticed is that she was totally confused about her audience. She had no clue who her audience was and how to truly how to help them. Her services were totally confusing and didn't make a lot of sense to her audience.

So when we worked together, we completely transformed her whole brand. First, we made sure she was building a strong core message around her business and what she really does. Then we rebuilt her offer completely from the bottom up, making sure that her services reflected what she wanted to say and what the audience we now understood better than before really wanted. Within 2 weeks of her launch, Sandra signed 3, $3,000 clients. She was beyond thrilled to finally see such a massive difference. I can't tell you how excited I was for her too - she TOTALLY deserved it!

marketing strategy + visibiliity plan

Moving up to the top of the pyramid, you can find the marketing strategy and visibility plan. Once again, these two elements fail if they don't have a strong offer to sell, because even if your lead generation strategy is incredible, if your offer fails to solve a problem or communicate its value, you are going to have a really hard time selling it.

The mistake I see happening, unfortunately - too often, is people skipping the first 2 steps and running straight into strategy. They buy every single program and course they can imagine and either face analysis paralysis - as in, the take ZERO action and are overwhelmed because they don't know what to do next.

OR - they try everything and they are not getting results. The problem is what's called "shiny object syndrome" where you are building your marketing strategy around what's hot in the market and not around your brand and essence. And once again, communication is essential here as well. Because you want to make sure that your lead generation strategy - or marketing plan - is one that positions you as an expert and that does an incredible job at letting your audience see how valuable what you do is for them. In terms of the visibility plan, your job is to ensure that you drive traffic and people into that marketing plan, so that you increase of chances of getting in front of more of the right people.

And what happens is that most entrepreneurs are building a marketing strategy and visibility plan that's centered around getting money as fast as you can. And while sometimes that might get some results, it's like putting a band-aid on a bigger problem. Because you need to build your strategy thinking about the short, mid and long-term. Everything thought out together as a whole and not doing things all over the place hoping that something might work. When you build your business from the bottom up, making sure that all the pieces are in place and creating your strategy with purpose, it changes everything.

Like take Brittany Lake, for example. A client of mine that is an Intuitive Weight loss Coach that was in constant stress with her business because she had to launch her program every 10 weeks, meaning that every 10 weeks, she would get into a stressful launch mode. So we started working together and making sure that every part of her Brand Strategy Pyramid was on point and created a custom-made marketing plan and strategy that would adapt to her specific business model so that she wouldn't have to be in this launch mode every 10 weeks, which took so much work from her! Through this strategy she was able to completely book her program within 15 days of starting her new marketing plan, meaning that she made about $20k and has been able to consistently maintain these results as well.

You can uncover how to use the Pyramid in your own business by following the prompts in the Breakthrough Brand Blueprint right here:

your brand

Finally, we get to the last part of the Brand Strategy Pyramid™ which is a part of every single step, and it has to do with your brand identity or your visual brand. Having a brand that reflects your value and worth is essential to establishing your authority and building that credibility while increasing your brand equity. Meaning, you are adding even more value to your business which in turn enables you to charge what you deserve.

Think about it, how many opportunities are you missing out on because your brand doesn't represent you the way that it should. You know what the people telling you that you don't need a brand and website have? A brand and a website. Why? Because even if you have a large budget to invest in advertising, even they know that money can't buy credibility, a reputation of an experience of being premium. I believe that when you tie this together with the rest of the pieces of your brand, it makes an absolutely massive difference in the way in which you are presenting yourself and your business to the world. I mean think about it, if you were starting a brick and mortar business, you wouldn't do it by doing something cheap that looks terrible to wait until clients come in and then invest in making your store look good. You understand that selling happens through the eyes, and that the more premium your brand looks and feels, the better your audience is going to feel about investing in your business - specially when all of the other pieces of the Brand Strategy Pyramid are in place.

Take Christine for example, an absolutely amazing Financial Coach that came to me lacking confidence because her brand looked absolutely amateur. It wasn't reflecting the value that she was capable of bringing to the table. And is was extremely valuable. I mean, she had multiple books out, had been on so many podcasts and featured in many articles, she had this incredible client roster - and yet her brand looked cheap. So we changed that. We made sure that her communication was completely on point, that her offer was irresistible, and that her marketing strategy was attracting the right people; And then - we made sure that the brand reflected how amazing she is as well. Christine ended up 10X her pricing to reflect her new brand and started getting the most incredible opportunities as soon as she launched.

I mean, visually you can see what a huge difference a brand upgrade can make, right? There's absolutely no way to deny it.

I can tell you from complete experience that the moment I started focusing on the Brand Strategy Pyramid for my own business, it completely changed everything. I started seeing those breakthroughs happening in my business like never before. The exact same thing has happened to each one of my clients as we have implemented each step of the way. It's quite simple really, by building your business from the bottom up, making sure you aren't leaving any detail to the wind, makes a truly big difference in the way that you show up and the way in which your audience perceives you.

Remember to check out the Breakthrough Brand Blueprint to uncover all the ways in which your brand can become stronger and more consistent.


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