My complete step-by-step brand strategy process I use to build successful brands that attracts. Fabi Paolini Brand strategy and design

Revealing my step-by-step brand strategy process

My complete step-by-step brand strategy process I use to build successful brands that attracts. Fabi Paolini Brand strategy and designBranding or rebranding your business is a process that should be full of attention to detail while making sure you are bringing out the real core of your message to your audience. As I have progressed working as a brand strategist for over 11 years, I have been able to build a complete system that is truly focused on creating a Brand that Attracts. 

To me, the biggest key to success in any business is making sure that these 5 core elements from a Brand that Attracts is ever present in everything that you do and how your brand lives in the world. The core elements to a Brand that Attracts are: clarity, confidence, magnetism, value, and, of course, impact.

Because I have been obsessed with bringing these elements to my own business, building layer upon layer to make sure they are reflected in all I do, I have become a ninja at doing the same for my own clients. 

When branding (or rebranding) your business, here's what I don't want you to do: don't go out and hire a designer that will create a cute logo for you and that's it. Make sure that you take the time and discover, develop and refine the true essence behind your message. The true heart of your business and brand. 

Today, I want to walk you through the process I take with every single one of my clients to make that happen. If you want to start building your own brand, whether you have been in business for years, or are just starting out, you can download this free guide I created for you about how to brand your business.

creating the foundation of your brand

The first crucial and essential step to building a Brand that Attracts, is to define the foundation upon which everything will be built. Once my clients start working with me, I send them to my Client Portal where I take them through a series of simple trainings that help them define and understand their vision better.

How to successfully build a five figure business that makes multiple 5 figures a month. The simple 5-step process I followed that you need to do as well. Includes a 25 point checklist of ways you can boost your business and brand today! Fabi Paolini Branding strategy + Design.

I ask my clients to fill out a thorough questionnaire that will help them unlock and discover who they are and what they want to say about themselves. You see, for me, it's simply impossible to build a brand without this basic information and structure of understanding who you really are as a business. Some of these questions are the ones I ask in the Brand your Business guide, so make sure to download that right here:

In this part of the brand strategy process, we work on connecting the dots and crafting your ultimate message. Beyond the little details and features, what is it that you, as a brand, want to say? Who is that audience you want to connect with? How are you serving them?

So, here, it's essentially about 6 powerful things:

Your core message
Your purpose
Your uniqueness
Your positioning
Your audience
Your communication

Everything that we work on in this phase is focused on getting the absolute clarity on those 6 essential elements. What I have found, is that through this process, confidence is created.

The reason for this is that suddenly you are getting a vision from someone on the outside letting you know that you are doing things right. That there is something extremely special in you and that you are being validated in all your decisions. That is simply powerful.

Debbie, one of my clients, told me after going through this part of the process: 

 “WOW! I’m reading your Brand Strategy Book and I have to say, you have an AMAZING gift and service! I feel like you know me better than I do – I’m blown away…this guide is in and of itself worth the cost of working with you. You totally got it! Exactly what I’m about and I didn’t even know. You have a gift and your potential clients need it. This guide is life changing because it provides the foundation for confidence. Thank you so much!”

And, of course, this clarity and confidence are the key to building that magnetism that brings your clients straight in.

What I do is through our work together, create a 30-ish page Brand Strategy Book that contains everything that you need to know about your brand. In it are the answers to complex and simple decisions. You will know what your strengths are, who your audience is, and how to position yourself in front of them. 

For Jo, my clients from Joiness, a marketing project management consultant, her core message is all about connecting people to smart, simple and friendly marketing solutions that would give her clients time to focus on their passion. Pretty simple and clear.

I cover the keys of building the foundation of your brand in this training that you DEFINITELY don't want to miss if you are serious about the success of your business.

creating your brand identity

The second part of my complete brand strategy process is the visual aspect. In this part we finally create the visual identity for your brand. So, we build an image that truly represents who you are. Since we already uncovered your true essence, it's an image that will likely grow with you over the years. It's not something that is meant to perish after some time. 

Most people dive straight into the logo design and completely forget about the first part of the brand strategy process. What happens then is that you likely end up outgrowing what you created, since you didn't design around your essence. 

In this phase, we build the complete visual identity for your business. I design a logo with all its alternative versions and icon. We also define the colors of your brand as well as the fonts that are to be used everywhere. This is really important because you want to make sure you are consistently showing up in the exact same way in order to build recognition for your business. 

This image needs to be a reflection of who you are, and your quality. With that, I create a complete Brand Board with all the details of your look. 

We also define the visual style of your brand, the images you will be using and templates for your social media or other places where your brand might be visible. Again, it's all about building consistency for your business. For example, for Jo we wanted to build an image that was extremely friendly and clean. Something that would bring in both men and women, because her audience was neutral in terms of gender. We also wanted to make sure it felt like an extremely approachable brand. All of her images and style is focused on bringing out that simplicity, which, in the end, is exactly what she does for her clients.

I make sure to give my clients templates that allow them to continue being "themselves" and reflecting the same image that they want to portray. This is where the visual value and magnetism of your brand gain more strength and power. 

building a brand experience

Finally, once the foundation and identity of your brand have been defined, the next part is building the systems for your brand to live in the real world. This is what I call the brand experience.

Your brand experience is about all the different touch points and opportunities to connect with your brand that your audience has. This is where perception and decisions are formed. So, you want to make sure that you are building something that honestly gets your core message to shine so that you can connect with your audience.

The brand experience for me starts with building a website that is there to serve as your marketing hub. Your website is like your virtual office or store. Everything you do comes from there. From your marketing strategies, to what you are selling. If you have a website that is there just looking pretty and not converting traffic into sales,  you might as well not have one. Part of what I do with my clients in the Brand strategy process, is build a marketing strategy and funnel that will captivate their audience.

How to successfully build a five figure business that makes multiple 5 figures a month. The simple 5-step process I followed that you need to do as well. Includes a 25 point checklist of ways you can boost your business and brand today! Fabi Paolini Branding strategy + Design.

With Jo, I built a website that had the personality of her brand and business really shine through. We also worked on creating a funnel that started with a free 'time saving toolkit' that would get her ideal audience interested in what she was saying.

I talk about the fundamental reasons why having an incredible website will instantly build your credibility and could absolutely transform your business right here

I also go in and coach my clients through what each one of their emails should have so that they can take their audience through a clear sales process. We also work through different strategies that they can follow in order to drive traffic to that funnel and make more sales or get more clients.

Finally, we like to look into the future and envision opportunities of growth for their businesses. What additional products or services could they launch? What marketing strategies and skills should the work on? These are all things that we look into and plan ahead.  

So, this is it! My complete brand strategy process for each of my clients. Of course, as I advance in my own business and through the lessons I learn from each one of the unique people I work with, every single Brand Strategy Process gets better and better and each client gets even better results for sure! 

Does it make sense why?

interested in working together?

If you are ready to finally turn your business into an incredible Brand that Attracts, then schedule a call right here so that we can get to know each other better!

Remember to download my Brand your Business workbook and guide to get you started on your branding journey!


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