How to achieve Brand Admiration

So, which brands do you love?

I feel like there are a few brands that you can honestly say have a tribe with actual FANS. Apple. Starbucks. Adidas. Which ones can you think of?
Brand Admiration is based on 3 pillars:
1. TRUST: when admirers feel they’re confident about what the brand will give them
2. LOVE: through empathy or feeling like the brand truly cares about them
3. RESPECT: when the values of the brand align with the values of its consumers.
Obviously, when companies have high brand admiration, they can: make more money, lower costs, grow more, have better employee morale, have more forgiveness from customers, have less competitors, find more allies.

So, what you have to ask yourself is:

– How can help people solve their problems or needs through my brand?
– How can I get people excited about my brand?
– How can my brand inspire others?
– What value can I give others that will make them admire me more?

Listen, we all are striving to have a brand that is admired, and the best place to start is by truly understanding the foundation of our brand, our values, and the needs of our audience.
When you get all the elements of your branding in place – understanding your brand – understanding your audience – having a solid offer – defining the value you create – having great design that showcases what you do – having clear and consistent communication — it all ALIGNS and you foster better relationships with customers that are rooted in that TRUST, LOVE and RESPECT. So, keep at it, do the work and you’ll get to where you have to be!

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