Vive Cosmetics – Branding + Packaging

Vive Cosmetics is a new brand that is dedicated at the Latinx community. They saw a gap in the cosmetics industry because they felt that there weren’t any cosmetics dedicated exclusively for Latin women. So, we wanted to build a brand that felt very much like what the Latin community would feel like.

We went on to developing a tagline that made it completely clear who the audience was: beauty con cultura (beauty with culture) and made sure it came through in their packaging.

We also worked on packaging that was very bright and that truly brought out their message as a brand, with flowers and colors that attracted their audience.


Vive Cosmetics launched their business and within 30 days, they were mostly sold out with their products. Their look truly brought out what they wanted to say about their business. They were truly happy with the results. For me, it was an incredible experience and SO much fun working with their brand and helping them grow their business.