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hola, I'm fabi paolini

Fabi Paolini is an internationally renowned online Brand Strategy Coach and designer. She focuses on helping entrepreneurs position themselves as leaders, attract ideal clients into their business like magic and build powerful brands that attract online. 

Fabi brings together her spontaneous style and a ton of value to leave her audience inspired and ready to take massive action. Fabi's presentations are fun, entertaining and full of great insight with a little bit of Latin sabor.

Fabi goes above and beyond to help you bring the best possible quality for your audience and spread the word about the great work you will do together.

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How to Position Your Brand as the Go-To Authority While Creating Massive Breakthrough for Your Business Online

Discover the 5 fundamental steps that every entrepreneur needs to take in order to build sustainable success online. These are the same 5 steps I took to build a multiple 6 figure business and transform the lives of hundreds of clients in under 3 years. If you want a business that allows you to make a bigger impact, this presentation will teach you how to do that.

How to Build a Profitable Business that is all about flow and less about hustle

In this presentation, Fabi will show you the steps to connecting with the heart of your brand in order to attract the right clients without having to hustle and burn yourself completely out. This process is all about ditching the grind and experiencing ease in your business while you focus on your strengths.

The Brand Strategy Pyramid Blueprint

Discover the 5 phases of the Brand Strategy Pyramid Blueprint and how to harness their power in order to build a profitable business where your marketing efforts finally make a real ROI (Return on Investment).