Maru Iabichela

Maru Iabichela is one of the most recognizable brands on Facebook right now. She’s the creator of Infinite Receiving, which has helped hundreds of women around the world and is even going to be turned into a Spanish version, etc. Maru hit 500k in her business last year and is expected to exceed that this year.

The problem: She had built up a great name for her program, but she didn’t have a PERSONAL SITE that really captured the essence of who she was.

This meant that she had people asking her for a website because they wanted to feature her in the media, invite people to events, etc. and whenever people went to look her up they found… absolutely nothing. Because it didn’t exist.

She came running to me for help because she knew that it had gotten out of control. She NEEDED a website and she needed one urgently because she was letting money leak out of her business left, right, and centre by not having a hub for her content and projects.

We immediately started working on her brand, making sure it reflected her style and natural self.

We wanted to create a website and a brand that was friendly and easy to navigate. Something that would take her audience to exactly where they needed to go. She also wanted to make sure that she could get booked for speaking engagements, and basically have the platform that would allow for her own business’ expansion.

The first thing we did was work on rebranding her image. Changing her logo to something that felt more organic and free, like her own personality.

We also made sure to include a strong blue color, which is the color of her brand and what represents her the most.

Finally, we wanted to make sure her website was something that really showed her personality and style in a way that would make people feel close to her. So, we made sure we used photos that were very authentic and real, bringing out the best of her.


Having a platform where Maru could finally truly channel all her followers from social media into her email list was a huge change for her business. It also meant giving people the space to find out more about different ways to work with her or hire her. It also meant having the capacity to seek out more opportunities for growth and expansion. On the other hand, it also meant building her online presence even more and opening up possibilities to be included in different publications or features.

Personally, I loved working with Maru because I know her brand and could see how NOT having a brand and a system in place to canalize people was keeping her from reaching even BIGGER income goals. I always love seeing clients like Maru grow their business and achieve ever more success.