Doctor Manuel Lazzaro

Doctor Manuel Lazzaro is a sought after plastic surgeon who came to me because he had a communication problem with potential patients. Because he works in a very big hospital, it’s very difficult for people to come to him with inquiries regarding specific operations. We developed his brand and with it a website that serves as a way to get complete information and get in touch with his office. A lot of the time, patients want to ask questions and won’t make an appointment just for that as they aren’t completely convinced as to having a surgery. Through his website, potential patients were able to ask questions which increased customers coming in to his office for their first appointment and then eventual surgery.

Dr. Manuel Lazzaro Logo Branding design Fabi PaoliniDr. Manuel Lazzaro Logo Branding website design Fabi PaoliniDr. Manuel Lazzaro website design Fabi PaoliniDr. Manuel Lazzaro Identity branding logo design Fabi Paolini