Driving Brand Loyalty

Are your consumers LOYAL to your brand? Loyalty is all about the things that attract them to you and that keep them purchasing from you again and again and again. Those things that motivate them to choose your brand over others.
These are some motivators that could be influencing their decision to stay loyal to you:

1. VALUE: This is all about what they get when they buy from you. Maybe they feel it’s a great deal for their money, or you are solving a specific problem or making their lives somehow easier.
2. INSPIRATION: They might be inspired by what your brand stands for. This excites them as it aligns with their personal values.
3. ASPIRATION: They see your brand as one that will give them the life they want to be living. It’s about status and being aspirational.
4. TRUST: They see you as an authority and believe you are the best at what you do and the best option for solving the problem they have.
5. EXPERIENCE: They enjoy what happens when they purchase from your brand, the experience you give them from purchasing, to contact with your brand, to the engagement that happens after they buy.
6. BELONGING: Feeling like they’re part of a special group that is going through the same experience as them. They like sharing that with others.
7. SHARED VALUES: They feel your brand stands for the same things as they do. They like the brand’s attitude and respect towards them.
8. FAMILIARITY: They know you and what you’re about. They have been purchasing from you for years and it’s easy for them.

At the end of the day, you want to use these motivators as leverage to get people to continue being loyal or to get them to BE loyal to your brand. Through branding — and here I’m talking about real branding that gets it — you have a chance to communicate to your audience what you’re about and how these motivators can align with your brand. Your branding + design + communication should be geared towards exalting what makes you different and the value that will make you stand out from your competition.


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