Maria Alejandra Vargas – Leadership Coach

Maria Alejandra is a human resources and leadership coach ready to launch her own business. She had over 10 years of experience in her field, and because of relocation issues, she saw herself at a position of looking to launch her own coaching business. Maria didn’t want to spend time trying to figure out how to set up her brand for success. She knew that she had a premium service to offer. She knew she was really great at what she did, and wanted to make sure she was attracting the right clients. So we made sure to build a brand that reflected her quality.

First we created a logo that truly brought up her credibility. The logo made her look professional, while still bringing out what she wanted to show of herself. It has a lotus flower with her initials inside.

Then we went on to build a site with all the systems in place to make sure she was able to then convert traffic into clients. We set up a sales funnel and I guided her through the process of what she needed to do to really build the business and make the necessary changes to grow her brand.


Building the brand and website for Maria was absolutely the right decision. Within 5 months of launching her business, she had already signed on her 20th client. Having the brand, the clarity and strategy gave her the tools to really build her business to where she wanted. She’s now focusing on other areas of growth such as doing webinars, etc.