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5 steps to build a brand experience

One of the most powerful ways to differentiate your brand over others is to create an experience capable of creating incredible engagement with your audience. No matter what you do, whether you offer a product or a service, have a brick and mortar shop or an online business, you already are offering an experience for your customers. What you want to think about is building that experience in a conscious way, making it memorable, unique and special in order to captivate you audience, and stand out from everyone else. Why? Because when brands provides their consumers with incredible experiences, they not only share it everywhere, but they become loyal to your brand and can be advocates for what you do. So, here are 5 tips to creating an incredible brand experience:

1. IDENTIFY YOUR TOUCHPOINT: It all begins with understanding exactly where your brand experience begins and all the different places where your audience engages with you. So, take into consideration that it’s not just about the point of sale, but there’s a lot of things that happen before, during and after the sale. You have to think about ways to build that experience in each of those points. Advertising, website, social media, feeling your product, coming into contact with your employees, speaking with you on the phone, emails they receive, point of purchase, after the sale. All of these are part of your brand.
2. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER: Once you understand the different places where your customer comes into contact with your brand, make sure you understand what’s important to your customer. You have to understand who they are and what gets them excited. What matters to them? What makes them happy? What problems do they have and how can you help solve them? All of these questions are important and will enable you to build an experience that is more tailored to them.

3.HUMANIZE THE EXPERIENCE: Once you understand the emotions behind your customer, think about how your experience can be more real to them and to your brand. Remember I’ve said before that one of the best ways to differentiate your brand is by making it unique to you. So, how can you speak to your audience and build an experience that best reflects who you are? Keep it simple, it doesn’t have to be complicated in every single touchpoint, it just has to be authentic and true to who you are. If the spirit of the experience is contradictory to who you are, it will more difficult to make an emotional connection with your audience.
4. FINISH STRONG: Studies have shown that people only really remember the peak moment of an experience and its end. So, what this means to you is, that final touchpoint may very well be the most important one of all. It’s not about the moment of sale, it might be about what happens when they open the package? What happens when they finish their online course? What kind of contact happens just when you’re ready to finish your direct relationship with your client? Never forget about that, because it can be truly powerful for the experience.
5. CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY: You want to make sure that everything is consistent in every point of the experience. Your branding has to be on point every time your audience comes into contact with you. If the experience isn’t complete and consistent, it wont be as effective in creating that customer loyalty and excitement you are trying to achieve. Consistency creates an expectation of what people will be getting from you in every encounter. Make sure your design and communication style stay the same. It’s the best way to build a great brand experience.


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