5 steps to establish your brand online that will bring you clients

5 steps to establish your brand online (that will bring you clients!)

Attracting clients and followers sometimes feels like a complicated and hard thing to do. The truth is that following the right strategy can help you get noticed by the right clients and the right audience. The key to building your online persona and getting clients begins with establishing yourself as an expert in your area and adding on continually to build your credibility. It’s important to establish trust and earn respect which you can do following by following a path such as this one:

1. Have an amazing website that shows who you are

When showcasing your talent through your website, it’s really important that your brand is present and consistent throughout. You already know how important the digital world is, so having a great website is your opportunity to show people what working with you will be like. Your digital persona is your first impression, so make it count. Make sure your site is easy to navigate and truly reflects your brand, not only in how the site looks, but also in how your copy reads. Your language should represent how you want you audience to feel about you.

2. Be clear about what you offer

Make sure that your site clearly states what services you provide and what the benefits of working with you will be for others. You want people to know what it is you’re good at and what specific things you can offer them and help them with. It’s important for people to be clear about what you do and what your work process is so that they take the next step and work with you!

3. Content is king

They say in social media content is king. Think about the sites you have entered and read, about the accounts you follow on social media and the things that they publish. Chances are they are giving you content that is (mostly) worth your time. Whether it’s information, education or entertainment value, you follow them and take it (mostly) all in. So, in order to build your brand digitally, make sure that the content that you’re putting out there is consistent with who you are and provides value with those who follow you.

4. You get what you give

Giving content away for free might sometimes feel sort of counterintuitive, but the truth is, giving people free information is an incredible way for people to get a glimpse of the kind of person you are, thus bringing in more opportunities for them to work with you. Sure, there will be some people that use your free content and don’t end up hiring you or buying from you, but so what? In the end, you end up helping people with information based on the expertise you have, on one hand, and in another, get people that like what you give them so much they hire your services or buy your products! It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

5. Show it like it is

Testimonials from other clients are a great way to let people know how wonderful you are to work with or how incredible your products are. Get clients’ feedback from your work, and make sure you showcase them on your site. Think about it, today, most people look online for reviews before going to the movies, restaurants and hotels. How cool would it be having reviews for your work as well? This establishes you as someone who is serious and great to work with.

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