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3 Steps to Get High-ticket Coaching Clients

3 Steps to Get High-ticket Coaching Clients

So you want to learn how to get more high-ticket coaching clients into your business. You’re a transformational coach or expert with a specific set of skills and knowledge and are looking for different strategies to be able to attract clients that are willing and able to pay high-ticket prices for your services.

After all, the online coaching industry is taking off right now. I coach clients every single day on exactly what they need to do in order to attract more high-ticket, ready-to-invest leads and clients through their content creation.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through what I believe are the 3 most important steps to getting high-ticket coaching clients for your business.

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The first step to attracting high-ticket coaching clients into your business is understanding exactly WHO your ideal audience is. You do this by first getting clarity on what are the exact skills you can bring to the table. As a coach, there are 4 main areas in which you may be focused:

  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Personal Development

Once you understand this part, your focus needs to be on determining exactly who the person who could benefit most from your services might be.

The real question becomes: Where exactly in their journey does your ideal client need to be to be ready to invest in your services?

The answer to this question is crucial for you to be able to attract more of the right people.

The reason for this is that a premium buyer has a very specific set of problems that a person who is more price-conscious is going to have.

In other words, a premium buyer is looking for very specific solutions. You need to understand what those solutions are so that you can create content and offers that speak to those solutions.

The better you become at understanding your audience’s problem, the more powerful the solution will be.

For example, my client Christine Luken is a Financial Coach and her audience is made up of high-earning professionals who need to learn how to master their money and effectively manage their finances.

Her message is focused on speaking to people who are already financially stable and want to increase their net worth. This is very different than the message, communication, and problem that somebody that is really struggling financially might have.

This is the reason why she’s able to consistently attract high-ticket clients into her business.


Once you’ve gotten clarity on exactly who your ideal client is, you need to make sure you’re growing your audience with the right people. You do this by creating content that speaks to the problems we discussed in step #1.

It’s not that you have to become an influencer with millions of followers to be successful. In fact, we’ve generated $107,000 in 30 days with a relatively small following online.

The truth about audience growth is that what matters most is making sure you’re growing with the right audience.

This is why creating content that’s extremely specific while talking to your ideal clients makes such a big difference.

You want to think about what your strengths are and focus on growing your audience by creating content in a consistent way. Essentially, there are only three ways to grow your audience:

  1. You can grow your audience by creating consistent content on Social Media. This can mean blogging, TikTok, Reels, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  2. You can grow your audience by leveraging other people’s audiences. This can mean podcasting, guest articles, doing Joint Webinars or going live on social media with someone else.
  3. You can grow your audience by using paid media to reach more people. This can mean Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, YouTube or LinkedIn ads.

What matters most is that you create content that speaks to your ideal audiences’ needs and problems.

For example, my client Gav who is a weight loss coach for men creates incredibly powerful content both on LinkedIn and on TikTok. This has allowed him to not only grow his audience but to make consistent sales for his high-ticket offer.


Once you’ve started growing your audience, you want to make sure you build a powerful relationship with them. Remember that at the end of the day, a high-ticket client is looking for a high-end solution.

This means that you need to woo your audience by building a deep connection with them. At the end of the day, people want to be heard and seen.

What this means is that as you start creating content and you start to get responses from your audience, you can start getting more curious about what you can do to help them and start delivering up-front value.

For example, in my business, we offer these free, 15-min Brand Audit in which we show people exactly that they need to upgrade in their own message in order to attract ready-to-invest leads and clients.

We don’t sell on these calls, but we DO deliver a ton of value. (In case you’re curious, you can book yours here)

Essentially, you want to make sure you’re building a magnetic customer journey where you are giving your clients something of value that will move them to make a decision to purchase from you.

Magnetic customer journey to build success as an online coach | Fabi Paolini Brand Strategy Coach

These are THE most important steps to being able to attract and get high-ticket clients into your business right now. I explain some of these pieces in detail in this short video over here.

You can also watch the training where I go in-depth right over here: