The 12 Brand Archetypes Branding Design Fabi Paolini

The 12 brand archetypes

Are you a hero or a lover? Maybe a rebel (with a cause). Or perhaps what you really want is to rule the world. You see, whether your brand is a personal or corporate one, it has a personality and a category (or two) in which it falls. Each of these has specific motivations, values, drivers and attributes that distinguish them from each other. According to Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, there are 12 recurring patterns or categories found in universal stories. These themes, symbols and images are all part of the human psyche and can be evidenced in brands as well. So, which one does your brand stand for most?

THE CAREGIVER: Their main mission is to protect and care for others. They are best at being of service and giving. They tend to be compassionate, kind and generous. They’re very maternal and nurturing and tend to be selfless as well. They help people stay connected and care for themselves. Some examples are: Johnson’s, Heinz + TOMS shoes.

THE SAGE: Looks to help the world gain wisdom, knowledge and insight. They use intelligence to analyze and understand the world better and believes that the truth will set you free. They’re seen as an expert source of information, a mentor, guru or advisor. They encourage others to think. Examples are: CNN, Oprah + BBC.

THE HERO: Wants to improve the world and is great at being courageous. They’re looking to make a positive impact and solve a major problem or inspire others to do so. They’re disciplined, focused and super productive. Heroes are capable of innovating and making a major impact in the world. Examples are: Nike, BMW + Superman

THE EXPLORER: Wants to be free to explore the world and discover new experiences. Thrives to find himself or for clients to find themselves through challenges. They want to love a more authentic and fulfilling life. They;re exciting and authentic and are willing to move off mainstream to seek uncharted territories. Examples are: The North Face, Indiana Jones + Jeep

THE MAGICIAN: Is focused on making things happen and dreams come true. They focus on creating something special and help people transform their worlds through inspiration. They’re charismatic, imaginative and spiritual. They tend to be visionaries. They’re user-friendly and great at finding simple solutions. Examples are: Disney, Apple + TED.

THE JESTER: Their purpose is to bring joy to those around them. The look to live in the moment and be fun. They tend to help people have a good time with whatever they’re doing and allow them to be spontaneous and impulsive. They’re innovative and outspoken. They bring happiness even to the hardest moments. Examples are: Ikea, GEICO + Skittles.

THE LOVER: Are looking for intimacy and love. They’re passionate, grateful and idealistic. They tend to help others belong, feel appreciated and build relationships. They’re romantic, warm and sensual. They create experiences that are capable of building relationships and making memories. Examples are: Victorias Secret, Moet & Chandon + Godiva Chocolate.

THE RULER: Wants to be in control and have total power. They desire to create a prosperous life. They are responsible and seen as role models. They like to be organized and follow patterns and help others in achieving the same. They bring stability to their world. Examples are: Rolex, Rolls Royce + American Express.

THE INNOCENT: Looks to be happy and free. Strives to be optimistic, simple and loyal. They tend to offer simple solutions to different problems and are associated with goodness. This brand is spontaneous, authentic, and real. They are seen as trustworthy because of their transparency. Examples are: Dove, Coca Cola +  Ben & Jerry’s.

THE CREATOR: Want to create something of meaning and value. Their dream is to realize their ultimate vision and leave an impact. They’re creative and imaginative and promote the same to their surroundings. They have the ability to build, present and perform. They’re great at being effective and persuasive. Examples are: Pixar, Pinterest + Crayola

THE OUTLAW: These are the ones that love to break the rules. They’re looking to disrupt or shock and appeal to people that feel outcast from society. Outlaws constantly fight authority and tend to be agents of change that help others break from the conventional. Examples are: Netflix, Uber + Harley Davidson.

THE REGULAR GUY: Their main mission is to connect with others and belong to something. They are down to earth, supportive, and faithful. They’re considered the “guy/girl next door.” They’re relatable and are capable of giving a sense of belonging. They tend to be real, honest and very hard working. Examples are: Home Depot, Wendy’s + Gap.

The 12 Brand Archetypes Branding Fabi Paolini

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