What you need to know about reaching your business goals. A super simple step by step guide to making it happen! It includes a free guide to download inside. Check it out!

What you need to know about reaching your business goals

Business #goals you can actually reach? Yes please!

Like most of entrepreneurs out there, I have found that when I set specific goals and objectives for my business and personal life, is when I’m most capable of achieving them. This is the process I’m following that has turned out to be the most effective.

What you need to know about reaching your business goals. A super simple step by step guide to making it happen! It includes a free guide to download inside. Check it out!
I don’t know about you, but I have a TON of crazy, big, normal, funny, exciting, incredible goals. Business goals, professional ones, personal ones, weight ones. You name it. My goals seem to be getting bigger, more ambitious and a bit frightening if I’m being honest, as time goes on. This time around, I’m making sure that all of those goals are met. You heard me talk about how my income increased by 1000% in the last 6 months. You also might have read my 2016 year in review where I went over all the things that I did in the year. This time around I’m setting bigger, crazier goals. Why? Because HOW FUN, right? I mean, as entrepreneurs, we’re in business to make money, of course. But really, we’re in business to challenge ourselves, to push beyond our limits and prove to ourselves that we’re capable of achieving things we never imagined.

So, these are the strategies I’m following in order to achieve my business goals. In part they come from The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield , in part from Lisa Jacobs’ “Your Best Year 2017” guide, in part, following Mariah Coz’s advice. Read on and find out what you need to know in order to achieve your business goals once and for all.
I also made a really cool guide that will take you through the process so that you can reach your goals as well! You can download it for free by putting your email and name below.
Reach your business goals. Guide. Fabi Paolini | Branding + Design + Entrepreneur

Define your goals

Step 1: Define your business goals. Fabi Paolini | Branding + Design
It all starts with defining your goals. Pretty obvious, right? Well, you want to make sure you are growing in what you do each year. One of the things I have found to be most effective in my business is to actually write down the different things I want to accomplish. It’s not just about maybe thinking about how “nice it would be” to reach this or that business goal. As if it were some distant, impossible dream. It’s about actually sitting down and writing down in pen and paper what you envision for yourself and your business.
One thing that I have found really effective too is actually setting exciting goals that will push your limits. If you play small, you will achieve small things ahead.
If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes. Business Goals. Andrew Carnegie. Fabi Paolini | Branding + Design

Something that’s really important in terms of defining goals is to determine how much you want and by when. When you get really specific about what you want and the date you want it by, you will be a lot clearer about the steps you will need to take to make it there.

Another huge tip that will help make sure it comes true is not to keep your goals to yourself. Share them out loud with an accountability partner or support team.

Break it down into actions

Step 2: Break your business goals into actions. Fabi Paolini | Branding + Design | EntrepreneurOnce you have defined what your business goals are, you need to figure out and determine the actions steps you need to take in order to make things happen. So, for me it means launching my first online course this year and making a ton of collaborations – guest posts, JV webinars, and many other things. These are all actions that will help me get closer to my goals.

Something that helps is writing down each of the goals you have and then defining different steps that will help take you there. You begin by writing each of you big goals. So, for example for me it would be to launch an online course.
Then, you go on to divide your goal into major categories or tasks you need to fulfill. Again, in my case it would be write the course material, design slides, record videos, upload course, launch course, and so on.

Finally, you would write down the different parts of each of those tasks. So, in my example again, for “writing the course” it would be: researching other similar courses, reading books on branding, creating an outline for my course, writing module one, etc.

Does that make sense?

Organize the next 90 days

Step 3: organize the next 90 days in sprints. Business goals | Fabi Paolini | Branding + Design | Entrepreneur
Okay, the next step into achieving your goals is breaking each of those actions down into a 90-day plan. This I learned from watching an incredible webinar from Mariah Coz of Femtrepreneur. Mariah suggests that we should focus on what she calls “two week sprints.” Basically, it means focusing on ONE and ONLY ONE specific task during 2 weeks. It’s funny, but it almost feels revolutionary. I don’t know what you are like, but for me, one of the big problems that I have is that I have tons of ideas running around my head at the same time. If you just focus on developing and finishing ONE at a time it’s a great way to make sure you actually follow-through.

It feels pretty crappy when you don’t finish what you started, right? I know I feel horrible when that happens. So, this concepts has actually really helped. Mind you, I just started applying it, but have already actually accomplished a lot. Most of all, I feel like relieved and like I have a lot more time in my hands.

Anyways, this is how it works: from those tasks I talked about on the point before, you want to basically break them down in 2 weeks blocks. During those 2 weeks, you will focus EXCLUSIVELY on that task. Forget about everything else (as the rest will have its time as well).

In my case, my 2 week sprints for the next 90 days are as follow:
– January 15-29 Updating my marketing materials: this includes re-writing my sales funnel (done), updating my 2017 Media Kit (done) and writing a new free email branding course (in the works).
– January 30-February 12 Webinar creation: Outline, write and design the slides for a new webinar I’m going to be launching soon.
-February 13-27 Presentation prep: Creating all materials for a conference I will be doing on March 3rd at the #WeAllGrow Summit. My focus here is to create an amazing presentation that will wow everyone 🙂
– March 6-17 Write course topic: This is basically where I focus on researching and outlining the different parts of my course
– March 18-30 Design slides + start recording: It ends with me creating the slides and recording the lessons for my course.

See? This is basically how I have decided to organize the next 90 days for my business. By being really specific I know that if by the middle of February I start getting anxious about my course creation, I can remind myself that I need to focus on my webinar first, and that the course will have its moment too.

I really feel this method my Mariah is incredible because being really focused is super helpful in achieving your business goals! OF course, these are all aligned with the BIG goals you want to achieve for the year. It just breaks it down into simple steps that will really be easier to achieve and not as overwhelming as if you think about having to do too many things at once.

You can do all of this directly in the free guide I created for you. Make sure to download it right here!
Reach your business goals. Guide. Fabi Paolini | Branding + Design + Entrepreneur

Prioritize your schedule

Step 4: Prioritize schedule. Business goals | Fabi Paolini | Branding + Design | EntrepreneurOkay! Moving on! The next step in achieving your goals is finding the time to reach them. So, you already know that you’re going to be focusing on one specific task during the next 2 weeks. However, it would be a lie to say that we live in a bubble and we can do JUST that. In my case, the idea of developing the online course for example has to be developed alongside work that I have to do for my clients. In fact, everything that I mentioned in that list above has to be balanced with clients, a 1-year old and my husband’s music career (I have to find a moment to share about this, it’s pretty awesome!).

What I did this year was organize each day in order for everything to have a moment. So, defining how much time you spend in each task that is a part of your day-to-day will help you set aside time for you to achieve your goals. So, for me, it means breaking up my day between each of my priorities.

Another thing I like to do is give each particular day a different task. So here’s how I break it down:
– Monday: Branding + logo design
– Tuesday: Branding + logo design
– Wednesday: Web design
– Thursday: Web design
– Friday: Write blog posts + schedule social media for next week + share blog posts

Within my days, I have a time for working on the “2-week sprint tasks” and working on designs for my clients.

Prioritizing and actually creating a schedule has given me the freedom to have more time (believe it or not). One of the things I struggle with most is balancing everything in my life. This actually has helped me be better at creating harmony in my life.

Letting go

Step 5. Business goals. Let it go. Fabi Paolini | Branding + Design | Entrepreneur There is something else I would like to mention in terms of achieving goals. Sometimes we have huge HUGE goals. Goals that we actually have no clue how they’re going to be met. That’s okay. One of the big things I have learned this past year is that you can’t really control everything, and that surrendering is actually a good thing.
The really important thing is to stay in creative action. Yes, it’s good to plan and to work on different tasks, but obviously, sometimes you need to let go and see where the flow takes you. You might be surprised to see that the road can take you a lot farther than you ever imagined.

5 steps to reaching your business goals. Super easy and achievable in the next 90days! Come read and download the free guide from Fabi Paolini

Of course, you can follow all of these steps easily by downloading the free guide I created for you right here:

Reach your business goals. Guide. Fabi Paolini | Branding + Design + Entrepreneur

You’re all set now to reach your goals! Now, tell me, what are your goals for the next 90 days? Share below!

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